the story goes ~



fragile falls
the eager first
to raise our hopes again
to fill the empty lines
ahead with verse
– a rhyme
tho none would notice
the way
I spoke your name
while tender
curved a hand
against my heart

are taken in
folded to the crease
as season –
year by year
til only one remembers
well enough
the story goes
of ways
the words were whispered
– now again

in the silent song
of morning light
truths are laid together
– a softer line
than e’er a rhyme
could touch

. . .

. . .

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Give It A Go (with audio)

Come And Enjoy This In Words Or Audio Or Both From Bree!!!!

Secret Thoughts Within

Image found here on Pinterest

Go on Babe, give it a go
no need to keep it clean
Write those fiery thoughts of yours
bring passion and bedroom steam

Talk about sex and what you want
when the lights to low
Explore the sensual side you have
without exploration you’ll never know

I spent a greater part of youth
burying it deep inside
but now I’ve learnt how to cut loose
I’m learning not to hide

Open up, lift the lid
on your passion and desire
Go on Babe, give it a go
pen down your sexual fire

Dedicated to any poets needing encouragement to explore the sensual side of writing.

PS – Rashmi, this is absolutely for you! Keep giving it a go 😉

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