O, Awaken My Soul, Here Comes Spring (Villanelle with audio)

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Secret Thoughts Within

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O, awaken my soul, here comes Spring 
There are so many treasures to be found 
What joys and delights this season will bring

Winters cold grip is softening
The changes can be felt all around
O, awaken my soul, here comes Spring

I feel my heart stirring and being to ring
With every beautiful new sound
What joys and delights this season will bring

Life surges forth in every living thing
There’s movement in the air and on the ground
O, awaken my soul, here comes Spring

I cannot wait until it’s in full swing
The effect on my mood is profound
What joys and delights this season will bring

The earth and my heart start to sing
As we are both spellbound
O, awaken my soul, here comes Spring
What joys and delights this season will bring

Villanelle: A poetry form…

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What will be (NaPoWriMo)



It could be a comma
it could be a full stop
or a semi colon perhaps
no one has ever come back with an answer.


Heart stopping
mind numbing
immovable limbs
sweat-less or sweating cold brow.


A flight stopped mid-air
a song ending abruptly
a breath unable to exhale
an element of shock in the preordained.


A beautiful release
irreversible cessation
some tasks incomplete
inevitability embraced without bitterness.


Exhalation of desire
inhalation of acceptance
ready for whatever
surrendering unconditionally to god’s will.

Today’s prompt is based on Faisal Mohyuddin’s poem “Five Answers to the Same Question.” The challenge being to write our own poem that provides five answers to the same question – without ever specifically identifying the question that is being answered.

Also in response to Sadje’s wdys.

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lang syne ~


where we were

the pull
of letting go
another time
remembered –
as soft the winds
to carry me
into the breath
tomorrow holds
a bit
of ne’er forgotten
holds me still
– a star
within the frey

of curtains
to the window drawn
pulled around
as secrets echoed
by the night
memory for holding
– lest I keep
the best of these
beyond the reach
of love
into the light

. . .

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call me home ~



o tender heart
what distance tears
the keeper
from the seeking
what words
were never heard
(I hear them still)
tender as
ten thousand
tiny wings above
the timbers –
(call me home)
as I will

o longing (stay)
within this breast
of all I’ve not forsaken
to know you then
– the path begins
where and why
the truth
(is never gone
from us forever)
returning me
across the night
to you

. . .

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a dream to sleep within ~



dared again
the soul to tend –
one more wish
the truth would come
– a dream
to sleep within
hastened by this evermore
spring recalls
the leaving –
morning brushes
o’er my skin

this arrangement
to speak
with silent tongue
to dream of places
crossed –
the same dark skies
touching on an
in between
I know you watch
the same
stars are falling
– we are realigned

. . .

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