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Kites – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a pavilion with people flying kites around it.


Like a kite without a string
Adrift, floating aimlessly with the wind
Perhaps it has lost motivation and purpose
Or maybe that is is suddenly free of shackles
Levitating over those rigid and fixed in a place
Enjoying the freedom gifted to it suddenly by
Breaking the bonds that tied it to forgotten rules


Written for WritePhoto # Kites, hosted by KL Caley



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Summer Queen

The Cheesesellers Wife

She makes grass into golden wheat
adorned in a stiff gold collarcape
walking, stroking,tending, sleeping with the crop
her brethren and children both
Her folk unforgiving of failure
poor cropping is catastrophe, starvation
Queens become then offerings
death awaits down that path

This summer is cold and wet
Wind flattened swollen heads remain green as harvest nears
she spends chill sodden desperate nights deep
in the fields, pleading the damp away
long days on the high hills
beseeching the sun for warmth to no avail
throat slitting awaits

The crop rustles, a manikin appears, barely wheat-high
Declares that he can help
can transmute wet straw to golden corn
at a price

She offers him her glistening arm-restricting collarcape
and the pleasures of her flesh
but he wants what she is loath to tender
any future child

She is doubly afraid, for herself
and for any child so forfeited
but dread…

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Books of Blake

The Lighthouse

You saw me, even then
you knew me
back when no one saw me
I kept no one around
who might know me
I, too, was in my infancy
and far from knowing much
in any real way at all

Still, somehow, you found me
brought books of Blake
to the shop we worked
we’d sit and read together
on the varnished wooden counter
your summer dress
hanging from you like a sail
we’d admire the crazed paintings
taste those verses on our tongues

Books of Blake we stood before
and poured our minds all over
you said I ‘didn’t know how to do what I was doing’
I ‘didn’t know how to love who I was loving’
the cheek of it!
the incisiveness…

And you’d tell me
of the bottle of wine you drank
in the bath, the night before
as the water grew cold around you

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2022 NaPoWriMo – Day 15 (No Interest)

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Today’sNaPoWriMo promptis:Write a poem about something you haveabsolutelyno interest in.

I am not interested

in restraining, containing

or wasting,

what I feel in my heart.

I am not interested in skipping even the hard parts.

I am not interested

in ok enough,

skinny love,

giving in, giving up,

or getting by,

until I die.

I am not interested

in glasses half empty,

almost maybes,

or not taking the leap,

whatever it means.

I am not interested,

in counting down time,

coloring in the lines,

even if it means a mess.

I am not interested,

in living less,

or with regrets.

I am not interested

in lowering expectations,

or aspirations,

just for some satisfaction.

I am not interested

in minimizing,

waiting for better timing,

toning down,

or living less loud.

I am not interested,

in anything less than,

using up my life,

the best I can.

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No Is No

Life Around The Corner

Nothing has been real
In the past six months.
The days, the nights,
They do not exist.
For the first time in my life
I feel like something was
Taken away from me.
I don’t know how to deal with it.
I have yet to let it go.
I have been pulling a rope on one end,
Life on the other.
Life will let me pull forever,
Till I let go.
How many times can I hear the word “No”?
Like a little girl with two ponytails,
I stomp my feet on the ground.
Like she wants a lollipop,
I want This love.
I am stubborn.
This sweet, comforting taste
Is making me act crazy.
How many times can I hear the word “No”?
Like life isn’t thrilled by my pulling,
Like a lollipop doesn’t care of a girl’s craving,
You don’t mind my yearning or my love.


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