Intention Setting

Be Inspired..!!

An intention is a desire to aim that is intended on. When you see an intention, it’s like a direct message to the universe or to Spirit. Setting an intention is one of the best ways we can communicate with our higher selves and the world around us. Our energy, our words, and our thoughts all contribute to our intentions. This is why maintaining a positive, healthy mindset is so important in witchcraft and shellwork. Intention is the backbone of witchcraft.

See the Intention

I often find that if I can’t picture something in my head, the universe can’t picture it either. Visualising your intention gives it power. Mastering the skill of visualising your desires takes time, but with practice it can greatly strengthen the outcome of your intentions and spellwork. Before, during, and after shellwork, take time to visualise your original intention. Keep that image vivid in your mind…

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