My true love…


My true love

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" written in 1978-rewritten in 2014. "

                        My true love…

The feeling of joy is you. I have been submerge in your sweet kiss and tender embrace. You taught me the fruit of love was colorful and worthwhile.

The touch of your slender fingers and your loving eyes had cause my dreams and hope to become free and wild like the untamed sea.

I have swam in the confined of your eyes. Ascending to new places and un-foretold places where I dream of long nights and laying in our bed, blocking out the lights of the new day holding you tightly.

I know I’m the fortunate one. I put my hands through your auburn hair and I tell you.

You are my last love and my only true love. You have brought into the madness of love and forever I will fall adrift…

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As long as the grass shall grow…


As Long as The Grass Shall Grow….

He told the prettiest girl in his world, thank you for staying with me.
I have been following you since the Summer of 1976 and you allowed me to be part of your life.

In a sweet memory, we made dandelion wishes, for the splendors of love to keep us warm and safe, forever and a day. I remember the sweetest girl saving me and I tried to save her.

As Long as The Grass Shall Grow

I will remember the warmest kisses made,

the sweetness of your voice telling me,

we will be okay,

together we can overcome the bad days.

We have kissed and touched,

danced into the midnight hours and

you are more beautiful today,

then the shy girl of yesterday.

Thank you my kind lady,

you are my sweetest gal,

my daily miracle and I pray.

I can make…

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Should have loved you more..


Should have loved you more….

He left love doorway 2,500 miles away. The hardest and coldest man, he loved the whiskey and he loved the taverns. He loved the darkest days and he loved the sea. He learn too late, love is the sweetest days and love is rarely near.

A crying soldier telling him in the tavern. I can go home to my wife, I am so damn angry. He told the young soldier, go home and fall at her feet and tell her. She is your everything, she is the gold in your life. Confess your pain, fall together. Love is the healer my friend. She is waiting for you and if you falter to the whiskey. You will become me. The lonely poet near the sea. Drinking the damn whiskey and screaming names of a love gone and forgotten. The soldier pushed the whiskey toward the old…

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Letters To Darling Poem Series:

Lés Dalfnor

Dear Darling 31

If I were to choose 

Between you and myself

You know it's you I'll choose

Without hesitating.

For I've lost myself once


And both times

You've found me

And taught me what it's like

To be myself

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