Poetry and Me

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Poetry and Me

I’m a poet.

It seems to me I’ve always been.

When kids my age were running after soccer balls,

I was nursing a dislocated knee…and writing poetry.

When other girls my age, in high school glided down the halls

I limped or tried to dissimulate and felt much less than all the rest.

But, by then I could write poetry.

I shared some with my closest friends and found they almost envied me.

Imagine that! Those graceful swans with well placed knees..actually envying me!!

After surgeries, and pins and casts, feeling more secure when I descended stairs

I felt my future bright and put away my notebooks full of verse, to finally ride a bike.

Now in later life, all those times, before I knew the damage I was doing

Putting on shows and amazing my peers by bending my elbows backwards

making all go “Wow!: when…

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