One-Liner Wednesday: Fear of Flying

Ella Craig

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I know that if I wasn’t scared, something’s wrong because the thrill is what’s scary.
Richard Pryor

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.
Salvador Dali

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Albert Camus On The Absurdity of Life

Beneath The Layers

Who was Albert Camus? He was one of the greatest most lucid thinkers and writers of the 20th century. The depth and simplicity of his works made his writings highly valuable in philosophy and literature. Why have I chosen him today? Because today I feel the absurdity of life which Camus often referred to. In his cold yet sentimental way, he wrote on topics like suicide, pain and suffering, and the ways we as humans seek to escape this so called reality. Out of cowardice or fear, instead of facing ourselves and perhaps the absurdity of life, we run to either opposite of the pendulum…sinner or saint; as if somehow these labels will ease the confusion we carry deep within us about life and its meaning. Like wounded children, we go round and round seeking for anything that will numb the pain or at the very least deludes us of…

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Another Mile-Stone

Rhapsody Bohème

It was a good day and another milestone entered our life’s and brought the much needed relief. My late Dad is battling Cancer, had a leg amputated in 2020, and has a few other concerns currently that need to be looked at and addressed ASAP.

We had a follow up visit for his liver cancer the other day and during the prior one it was noted that no further treatment was needed due to the cancer did not advance. That was good news then and here were hoping to hear something similar this time. And truly our wish came true and not only had the cancer not advanced, it was also noted that it was going into remission. You can imagine what relief it was to be given the news.

During my time here so far, I have gotten even closer to my uncle, now my Dad. I have to…

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Pep Talk


It's April and the snow keeps coming,
temperatures keep dropping, roads
keep closing and winter gear 
keeps crowding the closet.

This kind of April won't last forever,
the birds tell us so, nothing stops 
their welcoming song, and nothing stops
the days from stretching out.

In April, Mother Nature doesn't pause
for spring storms, she keeps birthing,
newborns find their shaky legs, and
beetles feast on the winter's dead.

Wrapped in April's  white blanket,
crocuses, tulips and violets
patiently wait for a luxurious melt
readying their heads for a spring debut.

If they can be patient, then so can you
wait for the green stars in your eyes
and the warm westerlies and soon
there will be spring in your step.

©Heather Carr-Rowe

NaPoWriMo – Day 13 – …in honor of the potential luckiness of the number 13, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that, like…

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Sleep takes you

The Cheesesellers Wife

Sleep takes you and whirls you around,
swirling you along over the ground.

Then the ground looms and you veer away,
desperately climbing up towards day.

Head over heels you tumble and fall,
speeding down like a plane caught in a stall.

Loud ringing sounds out and you wake with a start,
lying in bed with a hammering heart.

Copyright © 2015 Kim Whysall-Hammond

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Till then… (the light of Vika Muse/ NaPoWriMo)


By Ukrainian artist Vika Muse

bathed in the forest light
listening to the night song
we will be closer than ever before
I will lean on you, o moon!
I will listen to your stories
and recount mine
words will be our balm
so will be silence

life will be full of
simple pleasures
mundane routines
and ordinariness
of your coffee and my tea
of smiles that don’t hide pain

we will learn to coexist
till then
life I will continue to exist.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Mish, says : choose an image by Vika Muse that speaks to you. Let it guide you on your poetic journey wherever that may lead. Any theme, any style of poem.

Read more about Vika Muse here.

Also for NaPoWriMo. Today, in honor of the potential luckiness of the number 13, the challenge is to write a…

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One-Liner Wednesday – Creepy enough?

As if the abandoned infirmary building at my son’s school wasn’t already creepy enough, now there are a pair of turkey vultures living in the attic.

Photos: Two large turkey vultures on the roof of a boarded up red-brick two-storey 19th century building.

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