Delicate and boundless…


 Delicate and boundless..

Marianne found me drinking alone by the Texas river. I was drinking the Black Velvet whiskey at noon and writing old-man poetry. She took my journal and she read my words. She looked sad and she told me. Johnnie, yesterday is gone. Today is important. We must celebrate the new day. Please read me a beautiful and hopeful poem. I will pay with kisses, if I like.

I wrote to the Journal..

“You are delicate and boundless. You made me believe life is alright and you make me smile. I want to fall in love with you and I want us to become Gypsies without walls.

Marianne, Marianne, my lovely Texas girl. Let runaway to the sea. Let’s swim in the ocean and drink the tequila with lemons, till the midnight hour. My darling, my sweetie, my kind love. Let’s create a place, where we can win.

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