We are, what we leave behind…

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We are, what we leave behind.

I remember the most beautiful woman I have ever known. She was a Ojibwa woman who lost everything and she kept her human emotions of kindness and love. I remember she allowed no-one to imprison me and she would take me to the parks, the forest and the water.

I didn’t see the sadness in her eyes till I was older. She told me once. When I was six years old. The government took me from my home, cut my hair, change my name and I wasn’t allowed to speak my language. I never saw my parent again. With sad eyes, she told me. I don’t hold hate. I forgave them, but I remember everything.

She would sing Ojibwa chants for me and my sister. We would dance in circles for her. She would laugh and smile. We were her Spring wildflowers, she wanted…

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