Escapril: An odd number of…


there is an odd number of days in the year
not much of an observation, i know

but, the thing is

a year is more than the sum of the days
it’s more than three hundred and sixty five (and a quarter)

but where did this time go?

last year, I was… what?

running up the clock on a thesis
kissing goodbye to mountain dreams
and looking into a life that didn’t move five miles

i might be exaggerating, it could have been thirty

last year, I was…

well, it doesn’t matter
because this year, it’s differnet
(and we always say that)

but April last year, and the year before, and the year before?

time is funny, it makes us forget the big things, and remember the small stuff
falling into lamp posts
tying our hair into bows
dancing the same damn song
over and over and over,
and never…

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