You are my Spring blessing…


You are my Spring blessing…

Loveliest girl in my world,

she drank her morning coffee and

her tan bare feet moving with the morning song

of the birds and the nearby sea.

The sea lions were singly loudly and

she told me.

I love the Monterey sounds , the strong coffee and

the poet’s song.

Please whisper me a poem to make me smile.

“Something wicked, something sweet.

You are.

You are my whiskey kisses at midnight,

you are my six am friend,

who walk the long Monterey sea shore with me.

I love you content, I love you restless.

You are my sea-side blessing,

a poet’s last wish.

I shall love you,

till I can’t love no-more.”

The prettiest girl near the dancing Pacific,

she smiled and she brought me near.

She wrapped her arms around me and

I laid in her lap.

She told me.

Thank you for…

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