Just a dance in the clouds, dear lover…


Just a dance in the clouds, dear lover…

Once I knew wanderlust,

I wanted to swim in the seven seas,

I wanted to findsacred places in our world,

I wanted to dance in the clouds with a kind lady.

The Gypsy man,

now he had the great lakes,

Port Austin and easy dreams.

Once dark poet,

once poet of madness wants,

to be brave again.

He told the Lake St. Clair,

help me find the places of laughter,

show me,

life is more than waiting for death kiss.

He told the rising sun,

send me the barefoot gal,

who love to sing, love to smile.

someone to revive my sleeping mind.

Once upon a blue moon,

he had a wonder,

a girl who loved the star,

loved dancing nude to a Leonard song.

Made the darkness seem so bright and beautiful. He told the dancing lake, tell the lady of…

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