Unlike any other (NaPoWriMo)


What had started as a joke
did not end like one
the wrinkles on the sheet tell a story
no one may be interested in

you didn’t bring flowers
you didn’t know I like gladioli
you could be forgiven for that
you did not even know about the tattoo on my thigh

I guess I was being flippant
when I disclosed this over a drink
or maybe because there was something
about the way your eyes crinkled

I invited you over to discover it for yourself
it turned out to be a night of revelation
a night unlike any other

all bodies are same yet so different
I laughed in bed which I rarely do
and teared up too
for gentleness does that to me

I woke up alone, as had been agreed upon (on my insistence)
but then why do I still remember your husky voice
why is this…

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