Rewriting My Personal Script

By Alanna Pass

I have had this unfolding conclusion that I do not have to accept my own mythology, my notions of limitations and inabilities, as written by others or by myself.

My first inkling of this concept was in my junior year of college. One of the most popular electives on campus was “ballroom dancing”. As a child, I was told indirectly that I was clumsy and uncoordinated by family nicknames that were not so endearing. I bought into it telling myself I could not do a cartwheel or any of the other physical badges of honor that young girls collect. Still, I needed an elective and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Lo and behold I proved myself wrong. I was doing the jitterbug, swing, rumba, waltz, and the like. Not only was I good, but I also loved it!

A more difficult life script to rewrite was…

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One thought on “Rewriting My Personal Script

  1. It takes a lot of courage and strength to go after what you love to do, or to enjoy something even when other people try to say you’re bad at it. Your happiness matters the most there.


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