Unlike any other (NaPoWriMo)


What had started as a joke
did not end like one
the wrinkles on the sheet tell a story
no one may be interested in

you didn’t bring flowers
you didn’t know I like gladioli
you could be forgiven for that
you did not even know about the tattoo on my thigh

I guess I was being flippant
when I disclosed this over a drink
or maybe because there was something
about the way your eyes crinkled

I invited you over to discover it for yourself
it turned out to be a night of revelation
a night unlike any other

all bodies are same yet so different
I laughed in bed which I rarely do
and teared up too
for gentleness does that to me

I woke up alone, as had been agreed upon (on my insistence)
but then why do I still remember your husky voice
why is this…

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2022 NaPoWriMo – Day 10 (Love)


Today’sNaPoWriMo promptis:Write a love poem.

The stories of embarrassments and awkwardness, like the time my gum fell out of my mouth during a show, and hit the head of the person sitting below, I didn't know then, but they've always been, for you to laugh at. My childhood memories, like playing hockey in the streets, trying to cook eggs in the summer heat, and my wild dreams, and fears, I didn't know then, but they've always been, for you to hear. My favorite guilty pleasures and adventures, seasons and regions, foods and views, prose and shows. I didn't know then, but they've always been, for you to know. The mistakes and heartbreaks, like the time I found a love note for someone else, and all the pain I felt, I didn't know then, but they've always been, for you to help. The people I love, and are…

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More Prayer

Source of Inspiration


Do not pray only
in desperate times.
Keep a prayer on your lips
while birds sing their morning song
as the sun climbs the sky
and sets in the hush of day.

Pray through the night
that even your sleep be a prayer
for prayer gives you strength
peace in times of tears.
Prayer is your lifeline
to the Almighty.
Let your every breath
be a prayer of love.

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My Shield

Source of Inspiration


You are my shield in this life of woe.
I sleep surrounded by your loving protection.
Not ten thousand enemies
could approach me as I lay
bathed in Your light.

The smile on Your face
is my sunrise, my delight
Your breezes whisper words of love
I am smitten
can think only of You
for without You
life would leave me a pauper
with You I am rich beyond measure.

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A Few Cluttered Thoughts

There are days when I wander through what appears like a mine field of thoughts that often has me wondering what happened. Then there are moments that I find myself going back over memories, often in a creative angle to find gems that could be used for such writings as the one I place here today.

I believe we all have moments that will have us placed in moments that carries us through memories and such are ones I like to use a little of to begin a poetic journey. But much like most writings few remain the way that they began the day out, as mere thoughts that spun in the mind resulting in a poetic creation.

Bringing such writings to an ending that is in this case on this blog, brings a little satisfaction that helps to ease a mind cluttered with thoughts. I hope that you find…

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