Tender loving care…


Tender loving care

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Real love is given without the desire of reward. "

Tender loving care

She had big blue eyes. She sat on my lap at the college party in Marquette, Michigan. She told me. “Johnnie, you need tender loving care. You are drunk most of the time. Not sleeping and working yourself to death. Somebody must stop you from running for near death.”

I kissed the blue eyes girl and squeeze her tightly and told her. “Ain’t no reason to save up time. Time is plentiful for the man running to a dead-end. Some people want to live forever and some of us are trying to use up life. No guarantee tomorrow will come.”

She gave me a look of sadness an disappointment. She brought my face close. Her beautiful blue eyes looked at me like a science experience. She told me. “Ain’t no…

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The heartstrings…



The heartstrings…

She poured the sweet red wine into her Grandparent borrowed wine glasses
with soft and tender hands. Her eyes of river blue looked into my eyes.
He knew she was playing him like a violin. Her gentle and sweet voice create music for his heart.
She caressed the heartstrings skillfully making years of disappointment to fade away.

She whispered today we will love like our first day, last night to know love.
Allow the tender embraces of comfort to become yearning, to expand to the freedom
of heart and mind to run wild.

She disrobed and moved to the words of Leonard Cohen song “A thousand kisses deep.”
She whispered to the night. “I wanted to be a dancer, I wanted to be the Poet who whispered
words of love to the lonely world.” I watched her perfect body moving to the words of Cohen.

She came to…

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Dandelion dreams…


Dandelion dreams

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Spring days bring hope. "

                             Dandelion wishes..

The Spring days are alive.

The dandelions are growing free and wild in the valley.

The lovers hold the dandelion and whispered for sweet dreams and wishes to come true.

Lovers hold their embrace and whispered secrets to be gathered by the wind and nature.

Real lover know. Love must be free and wild like dandelion dreams.

Given whole-heartily and without fear of disappointment.

Warm Spring days are here. The dandelions are free and everywhere.

Lovers, dreamers and children.

Sharing dreams and wishes with the spirit of the wind and nature.

Coyote/John Castellenas

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Let pretend…


Let pretend

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Sometime little is better than nothing. "

                                      Let pretend…

First drink, last drink. It doesn’t matter my friend.

Smoked filled taverns keep the saints and angels away.

Just us sinners and forgotten people waiting at the Purgatory Inn for something

to live for.

Pretty woman with many tattoos sit with me and request a poem.

Told me tell me the liar’s prayer. I need some false hope today.

I told her it will be my pleasure.

                 “The liar’s prayer…

Let’s pretend we are lovers.

Founding paradise of two lonely people.

Let’s pretend we are in love.

I have pray for you to come.

Let’s pretend we have tomorrow.

I want to find peace in your eyes.


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The stone face man…


The stone face man

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Everybody got a story. Some folks understand. No-one wants to hear them anyway. "

Stone face man

In old New Orleans 1993. I found a quiet bar. The music was playing low and the drinks were cheap. I sat down near a old man staring at nothing and ordered a shot of Jack Daniel and a cold tapped beer.

I had my combat pay for going to war. I asked the man did he want a drink?
The man with the stone face didn’t answer for a minute. Silence was his friend.
Words had turn useless and he wanted to be left alone. The stone face man turn to
me and told me. Soldier, I take the same that you got. Good whiskey and beer keep us
blinded for a minute.

The bartender brought the drinks. We taps shot glasses and he…

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