It Takes Two to Tango

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This Christian poem is based on the Bible Story of The Adulterous Woman. John 8:1-11. I titled this poem ‘It Takes Two To Tango’ to highlight the scheme of the religious leaders to trap Jesus, but they overlooked an important element of the Mosaic Law, found in Leviticus Chapter 20, which they were referring to in their accusation of the woman. Where was the guilty man?This is obviously why I chose the feature image of a man and woman dancing!I admire how this passage describes how calmly Jesus deals with this very challenging confrontation with the religious leaders and His response to the woman.Beverley Joy

It Takes Two to TangoPodcast

Early one morning

Jesus was teaching

A crowd of people

In their temple courtyard.

The religious leaders

Who thought they were ‘holy’

And better than anyone else

Brought a woman to Jesus

They had…

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