Sangria đź’‹ Written By Nichole Sulpizio đź”Ą



Taupe sand

Pale cream hint

In its golden glow

Steady waves crash against the rocks


Her caramel hair blowing lightly

In the warm summer breeze

Coconut curls

Down her tanned back

Bronzed glow

As the sun sets in its dignity

The sand tickles her toes

Painted plum

Like the color of her wine

Dripping from her lips

Sweet berry breath


She giggles

Licking her lips

As not to stain her gloss

Shining like the brightest star

In a night sky


Her eyes sparkle

Like the name she was given

Dreaming of his lips


His hands slowly gazing her body

To her hips

In her summer dress

Above the knees



Of the diamond underneath

Drawing her body closer

Her curves


He pulls her in

She feels his need

In his embrace



Escaping in her thoughts

As she melts away

In her…

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Daylight fading…


The daylight fading….

Once the most kindest woman in Texas weaved me a safe place to be. Dearest Jayne use to hold me tightly and she sang songs of love to me late into the midnight hours. I remember she left me breathless when she danced bare-ass and she held me, giving me warm and sweet kisses. I didn’t know I would miss her.

I told the Johnnie Walker whiskey in the Austin Jazz club . I loved sin more than love, I loved the whiskey more than the sweetness of love embrace. I didn’t know. Broken heart ladies don’t forgive all things. The daylight is fading and I prayed to the whiskey. Where are you? Where are you my sweetest days, my Winter blessing, my Spring wish.

I remember in the Winter of 1995. Dear Jayne found me drinking alone. She asked me. Didn’t I tell you to wait…

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Hot damn…


 Hot damn…

Prettiest woman in the dance hall,

looked at me and shared her enticing smile.

I inventoried her long legs and her tight black dress.

She was a wild orchid in the smoked filled bar.

Her face, gentle and so sweet, made me wish for the dance of the gin and the sin.

She was ambrosia in the mist of the whiskey and the chaos.

I knew she was folly and careless angel.

When you kiss a siren, when you want a siren,

no way back to safety,

no way back to sanity.

She was walking toward me,

her long ginger hair moving with her hips, legs and shoulders.

I loved her demanding coffee brown eyes and her sweet smile.

She touched my shoulder and she whispered.

A soldier drinking alone, Austin city, biggest sin.

Dark is the night and when we seek the whiskey only.

We can’t know…

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The serene stillness…


The serene stillness…

Busy life, work and no play Johnnie.

He learn life is more than seeking money.

In the serene stillness,

he remember his daughter laughter,

her love of butterflies.

He remember the father and daughter dance,

now just a photo,

the most loveliest of photo he owned.

Now he teaches his grandchildren the dandelion wishes,

he showed them the wildflowers fields and

the great lakes of Michigan.

He taught them to dance with the water and

make ladybugs wishes.

The serene stillness teaches us,

life blessings are the laughter of children,

hearing the words of dear grandparent gone.

I told my children,

do one thing daily that you enjoy,

find something you love and keep it forever.

Life is unstoppable and we must ensure,

we know the kindness of love blessings.

I pray today,

healing for family,

healing for my world.

I pray our government understand,

we are…

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Thank you for the dance…


Thank you for the dance…

Once, by the sea.

We confessed love to each other and to the Pacific ocean.

Once, we danced.

Danced for the moon and for the stars above.

Once, we were brave.

We believed we could save our world.

One, two, three, four, to the right.

I do remember.

One, two, three, four to the left

We held so tightly.

Like we knew.

Our dreams would die,

be forgotten.

Now I dance alone and

I did learn what you knew.

Life is in the front of us.

Today we must celebrate the new day,

find something to make us laugh and smile.

I found the Pacific sea again.

I asked the moon,

Do you remember me, the laughing American.

I remember you my Boston gal,

who could drink and sing till the new sun was born.

Who smile and laughter could light-up my heart and dreams.

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Deceiving oneself and others

Didi's Art Design

A liar must keep on lying
Spreading lies around the world
So that his credibility does not suffer
So that he may still look good for his people

When he commits cruel deeds
Overrunning a country with war
To slaughter children, women, civilians
He needs propaganda lies

He shuts down all sources of information
Other than his lies
So that his own people don’t know the truth

He lies and lies
In the end, he believes
That his lie is the truth

He may deceive his people
But he cannot deceive God
He has lost his conscience…

DidiArtist, 04.04.2022

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Fight for so-called glory and honour

Didi's Art Design

Man does not consist
Only of clothes in his outward appearance
He carries symbols, labels
Of different cultures
Customs and traditions
No, he wears these clothes
Inside too

For these differences, he starts wars
Wants to make his difference as his crown
But when he takes off his clothes
Inside and outside
Then he sees that we are all the same
Are one race: Are human beings

Shouldn’t we finally start
Change our point of view?
Shouldn’t we stop wars and hatred?
Envy, greed, ego, lust for power
To take them off like a superfluous dress?

Shouldn’t we be as natural
As a human child comes into the world
Innocent and unsullied?

Then difference merges into oneness
And all differences cease to exist

Then the difference does not lead to war
It leads to trust, understanding, and respect

There is only one way of unity
The way of love…


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2022 NaPoWrimo – Day 7 (Proverb)


Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is: Write a poem that argues against, or somehow questions, a proverb or saying. I blended old lines with new ones for this prompt.

They say tigers cannot change their stripes,
but I don’t think that’s right.

I always saw the stars as scrambled in the sky, until I saw them through your keen eyes. You pointed out Orion, with his belt of three stars in a row, and the Big and Little Dippers, with their handles and bowls, and The Twins, two stick figures, with their arms stretched far, and The Bull with his v-shaped face, found first by locating the large red star. It seems stars can rearrange themselves, I’ve seen it so myself, I wonder now, what else I’ve missed as remarkable, because of what I thought impossible. I've seen the inner workings of my own heart, twist and turn, as it learns, to…

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