My dearest love, where did you go?

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“For April, poetry month number three..”


My dearest love, where did you go?

One I found you and you found me. We loved Monterey and we were sea-dancers. We drank the tequila by the light of the moon and we sang songs to the Pacific ocean.

I remember kissing your raven tattoo on your lower back and I would tell you. The raven and the coyote, we must dance forever. We didn’t know. Forever, can be seconds, minutes, hours and days. We learn love was sweet, the quiet days were the best and never waste a moment on yesterday mistakes. Live like today, is our last day together.

I return to Monterey and I told the Monterey bay. Please send love and kisses to my wild North Dakota gal who made me smile, made me wild, made me find my real face.

I told the dancing sea. Thank you for…

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2 thoughts on “My dearest love, where did you go?

  1. Reluctant Poet is this you singing. It is so beautiful. Wow, what a lovely voice and beautiful lyrics. I recognize John’s writing, I think below. Did you put his words to music? Just so lovely.


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