A Journaled Collection (A Poem)

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The Literary Serenity Archives

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: I love to keep a journal. How about you?]

I gather precious moments in journals

as some might gather shiny pebbles in pouches

or store photographs within thick albums

They include times spent with friends and family

reflections on the world amid everyday life

and concerns about what the future might bring

Page after page written in pen or pencil

on lined sheets that in silence and serenity

hold tight to the words impressed upon them

Someday I will gather all my journals in a box

to read from time to time

or to help me remember the past

The writing will bring all those memories to the surface

as the stories we tell have the power to do

to revisit people and places inscribed there forever

Just little precious moments

written down in simple journals

that can mean so much

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