Mad Love


I look away, then I look again

Can’t keep my gaze averted

Your allure too hard to resist

My fantasies built around you

I am ready to ditch my stoicism for you

Your seductive power over me

Liquefies my insides

The bittersweet madness overcomes me

The erotic sensations engulf like forest fire

I have to have you

To hell with what the world says

Do not disturb me

As I satiate

My maddening love for dark chocolate.

Day 8: Moments of madness

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Liar’s moon lullaby…


 Liar’s moon lullaby…

I told the liar’s moon, eleven anthrax shots given to me by the Army. I have forgotten more than I remember.

I search my deaden mind for faces, for the wonderful places I have seen and things lost.

Tonight I sat with a brown-hair lady wearing a multi-colored Summer dress, soft shoulders tempting me and a smile of gold by the sea. I told her, she was so damn beautiful, you could be my muse, my siren?

She looked hard into my face and she whispered, dear poet, I see your sad eyes, in your eyes, I can see regret, joy, great sadness and ancient things.

I told her, you are a Poet’s dream, eyes of coffee-brown and you make me wish for untold kisses and great adventure. I was told you are crazy and wild in heart. I love crazy. Crazy does what she want. Tonight…

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Lazy Sundays…


Lazy Sundays…

Old poet told the young writer,

we need more lazy Sundays,

less busy Mondays.

We need to find the sea,

need to find the great lakes,

we need to free-climb the powerful mountains,

dance with the wild flowers in the deep valleys.

Life isn’t work and no play.

Men and women who work and work,

work till they cannot no-more.

is wealth worth the payment,

of missing your children grow-up,

destroying body and mind for the profit of another?

The saddest life is looking behind,

learning the things we didn’t do,

finding out,

time is our most valuable thing we control.

Children are children, just for a minute.

The sea and the mountain wait for no-one,

we must dance with the sea and watched the stars from virgin valleys.

We need more lazy Sundays, less busy Mondays my friend.

Dancing Coyote

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Secret life…


 Secret life…

I was your boss and teacher once. We shared hours in a locked building. I adored your long legs and auburn hair. Your perfect body unable to be hidden, made me wish and dream for you to my love.

You were so young and filled with life and energy. I was your last hope to become a leader. I slowly taught you how to direct and be strong. One day. You were ready and left me for your chance and opportunity. I learn sadness when you left me. I still remember how you embraced me and told me. I love you Johnnie. You never gave-up on me. You left me with warm kisses and a unwanted goodbye.

I thought it was the last chance for me to be with you. I accepted my place. I was old in heart and mind. Love had turn dirty. I had my…

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Beautiful Scottish eyes…


Beautiful Scottish eyes

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" For April, the poetry month number two… "

Beautiful Scottish eyes…

Once I found the prettiest girl in the world. I fell into her eyes and she told me. Please Johnnie, don’t break my heart. I told her. Sheena, Sheena, my darling, my dream-maker. I will never break your heart my love.

Once a noble Scottish gal allowed me to dance with her, we roamed the country side of Germany and I held her hand day and night. I told the night stars. You became my story. Beautiful Sheena. I didn’t know love was held-up by a few words.

Now the old poet, he don’t cry no-more. Now the poet write about a perfect days, the sweetest kisses, promises made and broken.

Damn wars, tomfoolery and youth torn the sweetness of love away, that could not be. Old men who held treasure and…

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My dearest love, where did you go?

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“For April, poetry month number three..”


My dearest love, where did you go?

One I found you and you found me. We loved Monterey and we were sea-dancers. We drank the tequila by the light of the moon and we sang songs to the Pacific ocean.

I remember kissing your raven tattoo on your lower back and I would tell you. The raven and the coyote, we must dance forever. We didn’t know. Forever, can be seconds, minutes, hours and days. We learn love was sweet, the quiet days were the best and never waste a moment on yesterday mistakes. Live like today, is our last day together.

I return to Monterey and I told the Monterey bay. Please send love and kisses to my wild North Dakota gal who made me smile, made me wild, made me find my real face.

I told the dancing sea. Thank you for…

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A Journaled Collection (A Poem)

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The Literary Serenity Archives

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: I love to keep a journal. How about you?]

I gather precious moments in journals

as some might gather shiny pebbles in pouches

or store photographs within thick albums

They include times spent with friends and family

reflections on the world amid everyday life

and concerns about what the future might bring

Page after page written in pen or pencil

on lined sheets that in silence and serenity

hold tight to the words impressed upon them

Someday I will gather all my journals in a box

to read from time to time

or to help me remember the past

The writing will bring all those memories to the surface

as the stories we tell have the power to do

to revisit people and places inscribed there forever

Just little precious moments

written down in simple journals

that can mean so much

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Life Around The Corner

I am an accountant
I know how to reconcile.

I come to you
With my eyes

You, only look me in the eyes
When you show your hate.

Still, I believe
You are my fate.

I come to you
In peace,
With love.
I’m in front of you,
Never above.

Despite your disbelief,
I accept you
For who you are.
I kept telling you –
You are a star.

I am an accountant.
When I reconcile
The balance is always zero,
A total match.
Any discrepancy
I must catch.

How can I fully reconcile
When your actions are lacking?
Without us both interacting,
I can’t balance
The books.

How can I make up for the difference?
One side needs to add, and the other deduct.
I try hard to deconstruct,
So that both sides will match
And we can start from scratch.

I am an accountant,
My job…

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