O sweet you are, O brave you be and O darling. I love you as-is.

My rose-cheeked gal, you never promised me anything and you loved to live.

We loved to hear the nightingale songs and observe the sea rise and fall.

I told you often. Delia, my Delia.

I want you to reveal you true face and

for us to taste the forlorn of love kiss, be pierced by love touch.

I told you often, the poet wasn’t killed off by the chronicle of love destined goodbyes.

Damn life had stole my smile, my laughter.

Delia, Delia. You make my heart dance with hope and please allow love to bloom.

It is late April and the lilies are blooming and I would follow you to anywhere.

Please follow me my love. Hand in hand, we shall go.

You and I will dance for the May-days moon to come,

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