Unseen Dreams

Today I set about to write and compose a piece that has resulted in this poem. That begun the day aimimng for a different route to which has resulted. Often when setting to compose the piece being worked on becomes something completely different to that which at first was desired.

This is the very fact with todays poem. I set to write a piece on one topic but found my mind wander and thus the result is a piece which has come from the minefield that is so often my mind when out on one of my walks. When out on a wwalk I often takein various sights etc to eventually form a basis of a poem.

This time appears to have brought a poem that is set somewhere within a mind of creativity. I hope that you enjoy this as well as it could be enjoyed. This one has…

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Rainy days

Keep it alive

Proverbially, rain is synonymous with trouble, mishap, and something that’s unwanted. If we learn to take these unwelcome intrusions in our life as a challenge to go forward, to grow both in life and wisdom, and enjoy it at the same time, we can make our lives so much a more enjoyable.

Fighting with our circumstances is a futile effort. Acceptance brings us peace of mind and then, often we can find ways to conquer our problems.

I love this quote where rain is seen as cleansing, washing away our pain and troubles. Like tears can wash our souls of the pain, rain can be symbolic of tears of heaven, cleaning the buildup of woes and sorrows.

Dark clouds gathering, heralding rain

Birds flying towards safety as a storm is on its way

Written for WQW- Rain has the edge, hosted by Marsha



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Escapril 2022: Here we go again


Hi everyone! How are you all doing?

It’s that time of year again: Escapril. To those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s a month of poetry prompts – 30 of them, one for each day of the month.

The goal is to use one prompt a day for each day this month. Unfortunately, I have a couple of particular habits with this, as you might have seen. For instance, I just completed the poetry for Escapril 2021 a couple of days ago.

I’d like to be a bit more consistent this year, but with my dissertation proposal upcoming, alongside having a part-time job, and the rest of life being pretty busy too, I’m not holding myself to any expectations. But I am going to try.

(Plus, there are no real rules with something like this. For example, some people use these for art, or for music, or…

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