Whiskey dreams are still the same..


Whiskey dreams are still the same.

( 7 Nov. 1979. Time don’t change too much)

Drinking whiskey with the German Soldiers in Stuttgard…..
We sing if ” I were the king of the forest.

I would allow the world to be free.

We would dance and sing.

Till the light of the morning.”

After the song.

Silence overtake us.

We order more whiskey and tell stories of woman and adventure.

Iran today is holding our people hostage today.

The USA is broke with no place to seek help.

Poor Jimmy Carter had a big mess to fix. 
I write some words.
“My world is crying like a forgotten child.
Crying for all the sadness surrounding each soul in this world.
Where all humans could learn to cherish life, love and kindness.
But these are the goals faded away with the memory of WW2.
Now our world seems…

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