There’s Still Time

Secret Thoughts Within

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There’s astretchin your chest
how much time do you have left
Will you accomplish all you want to?
The dream you had
the one you loved
all the things that haven’t come true

There’s still time my love
you’ve got time
The sun hasn’t set on you
there’s plenty of time
Take a breath
you ain’t done yet
You’ll find your way
there’s plenty of time

There’s no better time to start than now
you’ll never be younger than right now
what have you got to lose?
You’re in control
and until your eyes close
you’re the one who gets to chose

There’s still time my love
don’t believe the lie
Until the sun sets on you
there’s plenty of time
Take a chance
life ain’t over yet
You’ll find your way
there’s plenty of time

Happy World Poetry Day to all the poets…

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My city by Punam

MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

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My city

by Punam

As haze envelopes my city at night
its ugly scars diminish and disappear
the luminosity of moonlight shines not
on traces of death of morality
nor on decaying principles
fluttering like flimsy curtains
my city looks sinisterly ethereal
as blood quietly seeps in the atmosphere
the stifled cries of truth remain unheard
trampled by night traffic
sordid secrets sink deep in its bosom
somewhere a sitar cries soulfully
and the hapless moon buries her face in shame.


Gabriela Marie Milton
#1 Amazon Bestseller Author
Woman: Splendor and Sorrow :I Love Poems and Poetic Prose
Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings

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I was ready for change

Keep it alive

March 21, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story to reflect the theme, “ready for a change.” Who is ready and why? How does the change unfold? What happened to initiate the change? Go where the prompt leads!


When I was 54, I shifted with my daughter and grandson to Seattle. It was a big change for a person like me who had only once before traveled to America on my own.

I lived in Seattle off and on for 5 years.

This was a life-altering experience for me and I learned to look at life differently. I’d say that it was a pleasant and enriching adventure that was made easier by my willingness to embrace change and the support given to me by my family.

In the constantly changing circumstances of life, adjustment is the key.


Word count; 99

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Almost to California…


 Almost to California….

My Boston girl, I found her at Fort lee, Virginia in the Winter of 1976. She was waited for a love who forsaken you. I made her drink the sweet red wine and we danced near the Winter Virginia beach sea every weekend for three months. She told me, never love a broken girl. Dead heart, sleeping heart shall break your heart.

I remember I told her. Dear Dorthy, love is like a river, flowing toward us or away from us. We must learn to roll and move with the moving water. Life is never easy and love can be harder.

I left for Fort Ord, California in late December 1976 and we made great promises of meeting in Monterey. I remember her brown eyes asking me. Was I true or not? I told you.

“Dorthy, Dorthy.

My beloved,

please come to California.

I want to love…

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Catch me, if I fall…


My grandfather told me often. “Never leave with anger and negative words to someone you love. Better to hold silence if you are angry and tell them. I love you and I need you alive and strong. My door is wide open for you if you need a safe place to go. If you need anything, please ask. Sometime they may not return. Last words you spoke to them. Last memory of them, please make them happy and joyful.”

Catch me if I fall…

I told my friend.

We need more angels,

more kind words,

more smiled given and received.

We need more hand holding,

we need more long talks and more coffee time with dear friends,

We need to try to save people who are struggling,

we need to pay attention to the people we love.

Be there for them, catch them when they fall and

celebrate with them…

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Some mini-poetry and a great song…


Prettiest gal I ever known walked to the door,

dead bolted the door tightly,

and she whispered.

Sometimes, you cannot run.


I didn’t know true love till she touched my feet.

She was long, she was forever and

she whispered as her coldness caressed my face.

I will keep you safe and allow you know peace.

I knew, I would never forget her.

I would yearn to be with her forever.

I told the Pacific ocean,

You have stolen my heart.


Chain, chain, chain, we shall know my lover.

Chains that can’t be broken.

Love can be warm as a July Texas Summer day and can be,

cold as a Alaska Winter morning.

I tried to run away and I two-stepped to the locked door.

My lover, she smiled and she whispered.

Chain, chain, chain we are.

No escape my lover.

The devil kiss is forever,

no release…

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