The lovers, a soldier prayer…


The Lover, A Soldier prayer.

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Soldier goes off to War. Need kind and sweet memories to keep them human. "

                     The Lovers (A soldier prayer)…
Poor boys and men.
Roads lead to War.

Young woman with a  sweet smile.
Silk dress.
Smelling like sweet Spring flowers.

She whispered,  “Let’s dance tonight.
You shall go to War.

Tonight we need to create photos for the heart.

Memories to keep you warm when you are lonely and afraid.”

Young man brought the sweet Angel close.
Whispered kind words of love and thankfulness.

Soldier stand alone.
Cleans his M-16a2.
Death is all around him.

He closes his eyes.
He remembered.
The smell of flowers,
the feel of the silk dress.

The sweet smile of his love.

Keeps him human.

                  John Castellenas
                  4 April 2009

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Please don’t forget me…


Please don’t forget me.

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" For Jade Innes. 16 year old poet, who killed herself. She was lost too soon. The good people leave us and we must whisper their name to the stars. They are not forgotten. "

Please don’t forget me.

Many people will touch our life.
They will leave kind words and soft touches upon our mind and heart.
Faces with hopeful smiles and a offer of friendship.
Rare precious gifts we must hold close and return the gift.

Some flames of life burn-out too soon.
Leaving us with sadness and question.

I will remember you.

Some people leave whispers in the wind.
Request not to be forgotten.

A sweet and kind girl, writer and friend.
Left too soon.

We must hold friendship near.
Always leave with love and positive words.
We never know when the last words are written or spoken.


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In Monterey…


In Monterey

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" We can try to escape. Sooner or later the memory will catch up with us. "      

  In Monterey….

I called you to tell you, I was all right. 

I don’t remember losing you so much here.

The winter days of Michigan made me sad.

Here in Monterey I never get cold and the sun appears everyday.

I go to the ocean.

Listen to the sea lions cry.

I don’t feel so lonely.

I will stay in California.

The pain is less.

I can’t promise to forget you.

But I’m okay

I’m safe from the hunger to hold and touch you.

The cold of Michigan winter brings me back to your memory.

The 2500 miles will protect me.

I wonder do you miss me?

The man who tried to make you laugh.

The man who tried to love you.

Here in Monterey.


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I remember you…


I remember you.

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Sometimes we must return to the beginning. To find the missing person in the mirror looking back. "

I remember you…..             

The summer days were long.
The splendor of the blue skies and the bright sun.
Beckon us to the sea.

The heat of hot days.
Thaw our cold hearts.
The beauty of Monterey coastline.
Purify the sadness and losses of living.

I remember you.
Waiting for me on the sand.
You called me the laughing Poet.
A fugitive and faithful friend.

You were my sanctuary and imperfect Angel.

Your blue eyes would watch the waves dance on the shore for hours.
Allowing the Pacific Ocean to erode layers of disappointment away.

I would bring wine and bread.
You would bring the tequila.
You sipped it slowly out of the bottle.
We never wallows in old dreams.
We recanted new great dreams.


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Fool’s wish. Lover’s hold on…


Dreams can become nightmares.

Nightmares can become sweet dreams one day.

Fool’s wish. Lover’s hold on.

(Written on 19 April 1985)

I remember when I rushed home to fall into your arms.
We would make love till the morning lights appears.

I was intoxicated by your beauty.
Ties and bounded in a sweet love.

I could watch you dancein dark night clubs.

So beautiful.

Short dress and your favorite red shoes.

The memory still can make me feel weak. I was attracted to you the first time I saw you.

I can still see you reaching your hand to me.
Taking me to the dance floor. Your blue eye and sweet smile stole my thoughts.

You didn’t need to say a word.

Your perfect body close to me.
Sweet whispers of “I need you.”

Make me feel alive and strong. I asked why does a beautiful woman want an old…

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There have been times over the days, weeks and months where I compose a poem and lack any explanation as it were as to how, when or what brought about such writing. Todays poem is one of such poetry. A poem that brought words and phrases from the caverns of my mind. Still the result remains as you see. A poem that contains no reasoning or explanation of why I composed such writings.

As with all others I hope that what is written within this poem either encourages, helps or at the very least brings entertainment to any who remain to read it. Therefore take a seat, grab a coffee and read with comfort.

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Unsung From the stars that shine, To the unfinished bottle of wine. The empty chair that now stands, As a shrine to unsung bands. From unclimbed mountains high, To the strange…

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