Ramblings Of A Fragile Mind

I guess I could say

I wanted to make

A few different points here

About the ‘disconnection’

Between body and mind

The betrayal of desire made clear

But I’d be lying

If I said these things

When the truth is actually thus

It was more that I wanted

To find a way

Of using the word egregious


She betrayed me again today

The little bitch

She always wants what I do not

Now I must fix

Her egregious mistake

Before both of us get caught

(Originally Posted 22.03.2021)

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A Longing Less Refined

The Lighthouse

You say you love my mind
the sensuality of all I say
how you long to craft a reply
answer all the longing I’ve raised
You lie awake wondering of my words
‘A glimpse is not enough’ you say
‘I want conversation deep
I want to memorise your soul’

Still I shiver for that burning connection
a longing less-refined
can’t you boil for an inch of this
can’t you itch for my lips
to be held in these thin arms again
You’d sweat and burn at night
for our next physical encounter

Your fingernails should mark my skin
There should be bruises left like sonnets
In the meteor impact of our collision
You’ll see the spark of my soul there
As I shiver up inside you

You bite your lip as I show my strength
and repeat until we melt into one
Forget the reading, forget the speaking
bite my…

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Source of Inspiration


Oh, the joy of powerlessness
of finding that we simply must
let go

How often we feel trapped
by the demands of others
with no way
of pleasing one
without disappointing another.

In recognizing our powerlessness
we can finally submit
our lives to a Power
higher than ourselves.
Alone we are lost
but in giving our lives
to the Lord
we become part of
the Divine Matrix
of all life
in our

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Plants Feel?

Source of Inspiration


Can a tree, insect, horse
feel pain? Do animals have
emotions? How is it that
we so arrogantly claim
other life forms have no awareness?
Can not know fear, pain, connection
with others?

Yet we see people who kill
and torture for their own
sense of pleasure and power.
Many others are indifferent
to the suffering of others.
Yet we claim superiority
among all other life.
I wonder.

We live in a violent world
entertain ourselves with movies,
games, TV, books about violence
yet claim to be against
war, killing, crime.
Where do we draw the line?

If plants and animals feel,
what do we eat? If an insect
or animal is dangerous to us
can we kill it? Wipe out
its population?

Thou shalt not kill. Ever?
But when?

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Source of Inspiration

shopping mall

S helves filled with things we don’t need.
How many hours do we work to buy more and more?
O ur homes are filled with unused purchases.
P urchasing is a momentary fix.
P eople looking for “Blue Light Specials.”
Ignoring the emptiness they seek to fill.
N othing that you can buy is what you really need.
Gratitude makes buying unnecessary.

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Guitar Lesson

Source of Inspiration


Classical guitar
holds music for the heart
notes clamoring for our attention
calling us to open
for the music can
cleanse, heal, reveal.

I sit beneath the stars
the only place to be
as the music transports
on moonbeams
where all longing goes
on a summer night.

Beneath the stars
is where, with music
plucked from the strings
I finally understood
there is no You and me.
There is only WE.

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