The sun, the moon and the stars…


The sun, the moon and the stars


She told me, pretty does, pretty do.

Kind sun warm our faces and our hearts,

the moon light-up the darkness of the night and

the stars make us know.

Life is wonder and mystery.


She kissed me once, she kissed me twice.

Her sun-kissed brown skin tempting my heart and my mind.

I told her.

I love you my English beauty,

you make my heart dance and my heart yearn.

You are sweet dreams and the prettiest flower in the meadow.


The sun, the moon and the stars are blessed,

when they are honored by the presence of you.

My auburn hair beauty, you make the sun more warm,

the moon larger than life and the stars more bright.

Please let’s us waltz to the sound of the sea,

let’s make the world see,

there is beauty alive and well,

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