You are my poetry…


  You are my poetry…

Forlorn love, treasured memories.

You used to read poetry to me by the candle light.

You were my heavenly voice, sweet songs when life became too hard.

Once we undressed with the lights on,

once we talks till 3am,

once we never parted.

Love was us and you were love.

Once spoken words of love, now are silence.

Did I forget? Did we forget?

Once we wanted more,

once we were one in dreams.

Tonight I bought sweet red wine,

red roses and kind words.

I told her,

love need proof,

love need evident,

kind love need to be remembered.

I will stop the world for you,

find the place where love was right.

Please forgive me for being lost.

She smiled and she brought me close. She whispered,

I forgive you dear love,

I will forgive you for forgetting me if,

if you come…

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The sun, the moon and the stars…


The sun, the moon and the stars


She told me, pretty does, pretty do.

Kind sun warm our faces and our hearts,

the moon light-up the darkness of the night and

the stars make us know.

Life is wonder and mystery.


She kissed me once, she kissed me twice.

Her sun-kissed brown skin tempting my heart and my mind.

I told her.

I love you my English beauty,

you make my heart dance and my heart yearn.

You are sweet dreams and the prettiest flower in the meadow.


The sun, the moon and the stars are blessed,

when they are honored by the presence of you.

My auburn hair beauty, you make the sun more warm,

the moon larger than life and the stars more bright.

Please let’s us waltz to the sound of the sea,

let’s make the world see,

there is beauty alive and well,

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The Music

Enigmas Thoughts

Pray for Ukraine 🇺🇦

The music makers are not always kind.
Horror movie tunes that alter the mind

A sultry melody is what is desired
But is that the song that is required

The music posseses the power of change
altering hearts, do not think it strange

Tears evoked when verses ring true
Lyrics that can also cleanse and renew

Embrace the rhythm and feel the emotion
The sound medicinal, a healing potion

Dancing alone and spinning pirouettes
In this lonely tune, there are no regrets

Finding one’s steps that matches the beat
A spiritual high is what will be reached

Repost copyright March 2022 by Felecia Hyacinthe AKA Enigma

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