A Simple Touch

Kim V. Poetry

Blessed am I that your
Loves touches my soul.
And that the moon sings
Its simple song to me.

Blessed am I that
She welcomes me
With her perfect light,
Night after night
And gifts me with your
Whispered secrets.
She warms our mortal flesh
As you caress me until
I outshine the stars.

The moon guides us down
The unlit path to ecstasy;
Between the bitter past
And the uncharted future.
This small moment of intimacy
Connects us to her,
And unlocks the feral need
We have for each other.

With devoted gazes,
And your thumb brushing
The apples of my cheeks;
I am made whole.
I am complete,
By the grip, you have on my

You see,
I can taste divinity on your tongue.
I can see the universe in your eyes.
I can feel the end of time because
Destiny touches your skin.

Blessed am I…

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