Some days can be perfect…


Some days can be perfect

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Life is like the sea. We can be as powerful as a Winter storm or quiet as the smooth dance of the morning tide. "

                                     Some days are perfect…

Wine, dance and the song.
The good days are long and sweet.
The tasty and sweet wines open the doors to new friendships and possibilities.
New songs are written upon our heart and minds.

Sweet Jenny, long auburn hair and eyes of river blue.
Her legs as long as the Mississippi river danced by the small lake.
She fell to the ground and she drew a heart. Wrote my name inside and rose
up and gave me sweet kisses and a warm embrace.

We drank the Germany September red wine.
Weak in alcohol and sweet in the taste of fruit.
She loved to dress up. She great dreams of being a…

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Wildflowers dreams…


Wildflower dreams

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Good to be among the wildflowers. Free from life problems and trying to find the freedom we once held precious. "

                                    Wildflowers dreams….

She was pretty as a picture.
She was dancing with the wind among the million wildflowers upon the ridge.

I told her life is fair.
A tarnish woman will find peace.
We will swim in dirt to appreciate the feel of Spring water touching our skin.
We will play second best waiting for the myth of the liar moon to fade away.

Lover’s lost and gone will leave deep scars.
These are the tattoos of people who rode the waves of love.
Each wave cannot be controlled.
We can be tossed from the sea of love into the turmoil of pleasure of love and hate.

Lady with sparkling blue eyes of joy.
Came to me.
She whispered. “I know what…

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Purgatory Inn and no place to go…


Purgatory Inn and no place to go.

I have the long Island ice tea fresh and cold.
Bartender keep them coming.
They love the big tippers.
Purgatory Inn is open early and closes late.
Safe place for a man who wants nothing.

I roll the simple purple stone in my hand.
An old souvenir from a old war.
A purple crystal given to me by a kind memory.
Now feeling like a brick.
So heavy with sadness and loss.

I hold the necklace like a rare stone.
The necklace is pretty worthless in value.
Except to my heart and memory.
I remember when a beautiful red haired girl took the necklace
off my neck. Put it on around her neck. Promised me forever.
Then wrapped her body around me.
She whispered. “Live with me and be my love.”

Blind obsession led me into the splendor of passion and desire.

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My Great love…..


My great love

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" True love is rare. Hold on tight. Doesn’t always last forever. "

My great love
A Poem by Coyote Poetry

Pain of love lost must disappear into the wind.

 My great love

Do we support to love but once?

Where have my ancient lover’s gone?

Chain of passion and spiritual journeys leave
me with kind faces in dreams.

Everlasting smiles so rare they scar my heart and mind.

Are we love victims and the heart must die?

If the bleeding is unable to stop.

I believe we need closure to allow the open wound
to fade to a scar.

I remember trembling and soft hands opening the doors
taking the chill of the cold night away.

Cold Winter and rough weather allow the comfort of
two people to find peace for a time.

I remember the comfort of long nights.

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My Spring equinox poem- April come she will.


April come she will…

March days are almost done. Tomorrow is the day for Spring equinox. I am waiting for the warm days to make my spirit of hope to come alive. I need the sun upon my face and the Lake St. Clair near.

The cold days of Winter seems endless and I need some careless Spring days. Maybe I will find a kind lady, a empty beach and a good book. I love the four seasons. Allowed me to know the warmth of the Summer days and the coldness of Winter.

April come she will. She will give us sun-kisses of hope, she will make us dream and dance with her. Beautiful April is the time of the rebirth of nature. The flower will overtake the fields and mountains. Create a landscape of perfect beauty.

Dear April, I am waiting for you. Please come quickly to me.


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Is luck colored green?

Keep it alive

Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays Writing Challenge Logo

Anyone who has good friends, should consider themselves very lucky indeed. For unlike organic family which we are gifted with at birth, friends are the family we find for ourselves.


I love this whimsical quote, but I don’t believe that luck has anything to do with any material objects. Luck is just serendipitous chance which often occurs because we work hard for it.


Love and protect the green foliage in the environment. It is what keeps the life on the planet going. The over industrialization, cutting of the forests to make room for human habitat and burning of fossil fuels are leading our planet towards a future we really don’t want to live in.


Written for;WQW #11: St. Patrick’s Day Green, hosted by Marsha



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