A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" How much do we truly need? "


If I lost everything. Would I become afraid?

We live in a time. Where needing more and more is the real value of life to most. How many toys do you need?

Where is the coffee time and long conversations? Cell phones and computers make us forget the human touch, the human voice.

Is real value of a good life, dying with a million dollars sitting in the bank? Wishing you had traveled. Wishing you had sat by the sea and drank good beer and wine with friends and family.

I don’t believe money is the cure for happiness. I know we must work to buy food and shelter. Invest money so we can live okay when we are old and gray.

I don’t want everything. I want my hand in my daughter hand when we…

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Pretty Peggy..


Pretty Peggy…

Once I chased you and all I wanted was a kiss, a dance. I told you often, you were the most beautiful girl in my world. We tried to find love three times. We had your parent bed where we learn need and lust. We had Ann Arbor, where you came to me, needing kindness and tender touch. We had Florida, where we tried to touch a dream that couldn’t be. I did love you and love wasn’t enough my dear Peggy.

I left her on a rainy Florida morning in 1994. I knew, I would never see her again, as lovers. I didn’t cry, I did pray. Beautiful Peggy, please come alive again. Sleeping heart will die alone.

I found her in the year 2000 in Palm Springs. Hugging a whiskey like your last lover. I went to her and I saw deep sorrow in her eyes…

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Love is a careless child…


Love is a careless child.

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" “Know that love is a careless child, And forgets promises past.” Sir Walter Raleigh "

                            Love is a careless child…

I took my pen to paper and wrote that love can be true, can be just us looking for empty shadows where the emotion of love is gone.

Love is like a flower garden. We must water, protect and keep it safe. If we are blind and deaf to the need of love.
Bliss and sweet kiss can be forgotten and we will be left with regret and loneliness.

Love is like a careless child. Need to be entertained and kept alive with dance, laughter and passion.

The elixir of love is powerful. It is Good to be fasting in love. Making the need of the embrace and the kiss strong and a untamed flame.

Love is trickery. Love-mad emotion…

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Broken promises and forgotten places…


Broken promises and forgotten places

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

"A wise man accept responsibility for his actions."

Broken promises and lost places…

I remembered we had dreams of being barefoot in wildflowers fields and love was to be forever.
I could sit and gaze at you for hours. Watch you plant your herbal garden. I loved seeing the pride in your eyes when life was born out of dirt and hard work.

We would lay nude on our soft bed surrounded by thick blankets till late afternoons on Saturday and Sunday. We tried to keep the world at bay. You told me I was your savior, and you were my princess.

I would write poetry and story by the small lake. You would study and peek at my words.
I remember your questions. “Johnnie, what are the paradox of being alive. Are we just wasting air and time?”


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Three short poems for love…


Three short poems about love

                                      Open doors..

Open the shades wide.
Lite the incense candles of lavender and sweet wild flowers.
Don’t be afraid of the dark and lonely nights.
We are just flesh and bones.
Needing to dance into the light.
Hiding no secrets and discover forgotten laughter and smiles.
We need to open the locked doors. Whisper sweet and secrets words to be
hidden by the blackness of the night.
We will honor the moon with the gift of visions of two people.
Finding peace and calm in the safety of the midnight hours.

                              Dead Poets..

Dead Poet’s don’t complain.
Ancient writers rejoice when someone whispered their words.
Bringing to life great tales of love, war and life.

                           Bare feet..

Jenny walked barefooted upon the sand toward me.
She was pretty as an Angel in her white summer dress.
She sat next to me. Her…

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