Falling backward…


Falling backward…

I liked California. Made me think and drink less. I never understood the California girls. They wanted to figure out the messy world and you can’t. The taverns in California were okay. I never felt safe. No-one showed real face or told you the truth.

Now I live in Texas. The dance halls are many and the Texas girl true and blue in their hearts. People will tell you if they like you or not. I have learn to Texas two-step and I love the country songs.

I befriended Austin, Texas. The college kids call me the poet by the Austin river. I shared my black velvet with them and we shared story of life and our tomfoolery we have done. We shall do.

I feel safe in Texas. The Texas gals are honest, sweet and loving. They like the lonesome poet and blessed him with conversation, kindness…

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I Must Make a Decision…

Must Read From Jaye!!!!

Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

Image by Esi GrĂĽnhagen from Pixabay

I must make a decision.

One I have been putting off for a while now. Unfortunately, I must cut back on the work I do, the reading, writing and blogging, due to severe dizziness and nausea.

It breaks my heart, for I love what I do, every single minute of it.

I had enough trouble years back when cataracts nearly scuppered me, but being a trooper, I found other ways to do things.

Now, I have a new and most unwelcome visitor. Something my doctor thinks is Meniere’s Disease. Sounds awful, doesn’t it?

I have been having what I call my dizzy days for years, days when I must give in and switch off the PC. Luckily, these only lasted a day back then. Then it gradually changed to two days, then more, becoming a big problem.

Then the earache began, and the dizziness…

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Why Punish?

Source of Inspiration


Punish the sinner
so he will learn to love
which is the life lesson
for us all.
I can not cast
the first stone
nor can you
for we’ve all done
things that were wrong.

P utting revenge where love is needed
Undoing wrong deeds with punishment doesn’t make sense
No punishment teaches love
I nvest the time to find a better solution
S hare the Light to those in need
H ow can there be peace in a world of revenge

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