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What would it be like to have no ego? Leave your ego at the door? What does that even mean truly? If someone tells you, β€œcheck your ego at the door,” that means you should metaphorically leave your ego (your obsession with yourself and your own interests) as soon as you enter this building, in just the same way you might check a hat or an umbrella in the foyer.

Don’t think of yourself and your benefits from anyone around you? What would the world be like? Is it possible? Our ego dies when we die? I think being selfless and leaving your ego at the door, are similar. Just pondering today.It certainly feels nice when someone offers to help you or do something kind, just because. Feel free to comment or not whether coming from your ego or not πŸ™‚

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I am here… And a beautiful Jessi Colter song…


I am here…

Loneliest man in the bar,

drinking alone.

He told the smoking cigarette and the empty whiskey glass,

you knew the ending at the beginning.

A soft hand touched his shoulder,

a kind face, a gentle voice whispered.

When you dance with the devil, you will lose.

Pretty face don’t mean kind heart,

she is gone and I stayed.

The dead heart need kindness and a friend.

Please Johnnie,

let’s drink some coffee at my place and talk the pity away.

I know men are foolish and I have forgiven you.

Can you forgive yourself?

He looked at her and he asked her.

No-one want left-over wine and a sad story.

Do you believe I am worth the time?

You deserve everything and more.

You deserve someone who shall never break your heart.

She smiled and she kissed his face.

She whispered,

love isn’t easy, love isn’t written…

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My great love…And a Beautiful Paloma Faith song…


My great love …

I told the young writer, we shall have many great loves. Many women will steal our heart, make us want everything and more. But there are those maidens, who can awake us from the slumber of a dead sleep.

I do remember a Spring flower in 1978, in the month of late May. Long blond hair, dancing blue eyes and a face of a angel. I fell into treason in all things I loved to be near her. She was my illusion of perfection.

She found me alone by the small lake, we talked, held hands and I fell into the majesty of her. We were shrouded with youth and we were crazy fearless. Wanting everything and more.

I loved her eyes when she spoke. I could see the ancient cities, the sea and open sky in her eyes. I remember she took me to her home…

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The cold night whispered..


The cold night whispered…

The April rain hid my tears and I walked alone.

Once great love turn indifferent and

our love true turn to fathom dreams.

We spoke careless words,

maybe true, maybe not?

Maybe we were grasping at a miracle?

I told the rain,

love died slowly and badly.

I longed for her near,

I longed to hear her heartbeat and her song.

My songbird,

we knew rhyme and song and now,

we know we could bleed.

The cold night whispered to me,

the abyss of love dance,

just great storms we shall know.

Now crimson love touches and

silent goodbyes,

Leave us praying for more.

Now I sit by the sea,

drinking the whiskey and remembering you.

Do you remember me?

Dancing Coyote

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As long as the grass shall grow- And a Johnny Cash song.


As Long As The Grass Shall Grow

He told the prettiest girl in his world, thank you for staying with me.
I have been following you since the Summer of 1976 and you allowed me to be part of your life.

In a sweet memory, we made dandelion wishes, for the splendor of love to keep us warm and safe, forever and a day.
I remember the sweetest girl saving me and I tried to save her.

As Long As The Grass Shall Grow

I will remember the warmest kisses made,

the sweetness of your voice telling me,

we will be okay,

together we can overcome the bad days.

We have kissed and touched,

danced into the midnight hours and

you are more beautiful today,

then the shy girl of yesterday.

Thank you my kind lady,

you are my sweetest gal,

my daily miracle and I pray.

I can make…

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Lilac wine….


Lilac wine…


She whispered,


maybe not.

Let’s allow the lilac wine,

to write the story for us.


Life is many colors,

we can paint her black,

we can paint her red,

we can paint her white.

We decide the beginnings,

the endings.


Let’s fall in love,

we have the lilac wine,

we have time.

The sea is near and

the night is long.

Please make me believe,

love is near.

Please whispered to me,

who you are and where we are going.


I am intoxicated by your face,

your beautiful voice steal my thoughts.

You are my heaven,

my safe place.

You are my moon,

you are my morning rising sun.

You are my reasons to be brave and unafraid.

I love you more than the desire to give-up.

Dancing Coyote

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