Reflections: 3am Thoughts

Falcone Counseling Services

The night has come and yet my body feels restless. I feel as if I have been laying here but for a short while, yet as I turn to look at the clock, it reveals it is 3am. My body feels tired, all the stress and gloom and fears finally have taken hold of my heart.

Lately my mind seems to fluctuate, some days I find sweet rest and peace in even the most mundane of tasks, yet others even standing up feels like too much work–I am afraid where these waves of emotion will take me but I can’t stop yet. My body and mind yearn to rest, but is it sleep they seek? Perhaps they seek to be liberated, to stretch themselves past the limitations we impose upon ourselves each and every day.

Unable to do either; be fully present and alert or to fall into the abyss…

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