The first day of Spring, poetry.


The first day of Spring, poetry…

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Some poetry for the warm days of Spring "

We went to the sea and I wrote your name and I love you into the sand.

You smiled and you kissed me once, you kissed me twice.

You wrote in the sand, I love you more…


Dear Spring, you are near.

Kind Spring, the cold days, are almost gone.

I am waiting for the first sun kiss of the season.

I need to feel warm again.


I want to fall in love again.

I want a kind woman who love to sing and dance for the midnight stars.

Please dear moon, send me a kind woman.

One who loved the whiskey and she can make me laugh again.


Darkness had stole my heart and my mind.

The anger is overtaking my sanity.

Should I stay or go?

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Dear Cheryl prayed to the stars for the crying night moon…


Dear Cheryl prayed to the stars for the crying night moon…

Once a beautiful woman believed love was grand, the kisses would become sweeter and love would save her. She would find me drinking alone and she would whisper. Johnnie, Johnnie, I am so damn blue and so cold. I would give her a hello kiss and I would tell her.

Love be damned, love be sweet. When we hear the nightingale song and we are alone. We need to be drunk on kisses and try to feel. Wanted. Dear Cheryl, you tempt my soul, you tempt my mind. I know you are boundless energy and the Devil’s kiss. You and I had murdered love and we want more. Every time our lips touch, we sin. Every time our bodies meet. I want more.

She smiled and she laughed at my words. She whispered to me. Am I your damnation…

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Lost in the abyss of you…


Lost in the abyss of you….

Can sleeping men sleep find peace? My mind wandered to far away places to when I was brave. My youthful heart believed in love, I believe I could do anything.

Now love had forgotten my name and I remember a pale skin dancing beauty on the first warm day of Spring in Germany. She knew my name and she would tell me. I love you Johnnie, I do love you my Johnnie.

We would dance with the Spring flowers and we would find the sea. Drink Ambrosia wine and I held her, like she was my everything and more. Maybe I knew. Love was so sweet and so rare.

The tapestry of life can got twisted and I told the rising moon. I remember you, I remember us. You weaved me a safe place once and old age had cometh.

Now I seek to…

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Comes hell or high water…


Comes hell or high water..

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Sometimes we must be brave. Life is in the front of us. "

Comes hell or high water…


You were never easy, you were the day and I was the night, never stopping to keep our promises made.You were my sun and I was the moon, so much to do, we forgot to love.

If I had you near, now. Comes hell or high water, I would never release you again.

The damn road, the damn wars stole you away from me. The long highway and the bloody wars stole my kindness, seeking money, left me alone swimming upstream and so damn alone.

Once for a second, we had the harvest moon, we had strong whiskey and we danced nude for the moon and the stars. We devoured each other, tried to capture everything in minutes, in hours. We knew.

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Love, Life, Broken

I crave physical touch.

To be kissed, to be held, to be pushed on the bed, and feel another body weighing me down, to be fucked and destroyed. Then held till I’m back together again. To know you are close.

I crave to feel.

Those excited emotions of a text, to know you feel the same, the passion from your words that make my heart skip a beat. Your desire for me so clear to see.

I crave connection.

To just click like no other, with someone who gets me, those silly moments where I giggle at my phone like a love struck teenager.

I crave to feel safe.

Deep in the knowledge that you won’t hurt me, that you really do have my best interests at heart, that you will always be honest and up front with me.

I crave to be Dominated.

To feel your power, to feel…

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Quotations on Fantasy and Imagination

Come and Enjoy great quotes provided by Charles!!

charles french words reading and writing



“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

                                                                        Albert Einstein


(By Source: Scan of photograph by Arthur Strong, Wikipedia)

“One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.”

                                                                        C. S. Lewis



“Fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory. If a soldier is imprisoned by the enemy, don’t we consider it his duty to escape? . . . If we value the freedom of mind and soul, if we’re partisans…

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Lacing What’s Ours

Dawning Creations

Can’t regret
late nights, screens and scenes
LOVE, before all else
Sleep was in high disregard
lacing our wired minds
Together we decided
devised a world that made sense

Dreaming out loud
dredging those feelings deep down
to surface them
In poetry,
in stories from Poe
and tales from our hearts

Our hearts, our world
Faces lit by flames
Fireside flurries, sparks sailing
high on winds
brightening the tree tops

Guitar strumming,
songs sang
My heart holding the words close

Stories beg to be told
continuing around the fire

Memories lasting
I won’t regret a moment

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