You are my Spring…

Longing, belonging and secrets…


 Longing, belonging and secrets…

Lover, lover, lover.

Once we loved the long nights,

once the wine tasted sweeter.

Now our longing, belonging and our secrets,

are bloody finger prints on a over-painted wall.

I told you once,

you were my life,

my will, to live for.

Now we make love like strangers,

our kisses less warm,

our laughter deleted.

Now our longing dispersed in the storm of living,

the belonging of love,

bled-out and never to be awaken.

Our secrets words spoken in the midnight hours,

became just myth and tale in the hidden words in my poetry.

We kissed goodbye on a rainy Spring day and

I took my books with me.

I left you my smiles, my laughter, my heart.

Now old poet sing to the Spring moon,

“where does love go?

why do we destroy the sweetest day,

the kindest nights?

Our we destine to know,


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Maybe yes, maybe no?


Maybe yes, maybe no?…

I been hiding in the highway 35 taverns for three months. Started drinking early in the morning and writing till darkness, the happy hours blues poetry. Once I was the great dreamer, wanting everything and more.

Now I love the darkness and I am trying to hide from a memory. I told my rum and coke. I can not love, I have never loved. Just a thief in the garden of love, seeking salvation in my silence.

On a breezy Winter day in Belton, Texas. Pretty Texas lady found me at the dancehall bar drinking the three dollars Long Island ice teas. I felt her eyes on my back and I turned. I saw her eyes, not pissed-off, they were soft and kind. She wore a white dress, bare shoulders showing me her butterflies tattoos on her shoulders and the beginning of her rose bush rolling…

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Pot of Gold


Luck comes in Varieties

To some it’s a winning Ticket

Yet to others, the reward may merely be a smile

Perhaps a simple Bloom

or the entire Bouquet

Windfalls may be measured by

a full plate

a roof

a thick wallet

a satisfied heart

No matter your sum

Count your blessing Victoriously

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I’ll take care of you…


I’ll take care of you

In the dead of long night, our wandering mind find things lost and cannot be found. Old Johnnie sitting alone in the Jazz bar and he is drinking the Black Velvet whiskey dreaming about his dear Susie. An Akron gal who stole his heart and he remembered he learned. Love can be swift and love can be painful.

Today he called her and he told her. Johnnie is done with the Army and what do you need me to do, to make her smile again? She laughed at his words and she asked him. I have murdered love and I have a child. Love had banished my hope and heart. Johnnie, you don’t want damaged goods. He told her, I love your scars, your gentle voice and I love your face. No-one escaped the wrath of love. I need us to try. Darling, honey and…

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Love is like a hammer…


 Love is like a hammer…

I left Michigan in 1991 and I sat in the Jazz club at 12 pm, trying to write a poem. The Jazz man was playing the songs, so good. He asked me. Johnnie, you need a song. I told him. I want the saddest and most honest song you can sing. I put twenty dollars in his tip cup. He thought a minute and he told me. I got your song my friend. The saddest song I know. The song is called. Love is like a hammer. He begin to sing and I started bleeding to the paper.

”Love is like a hammer

My dear love, beautiful Jennifer told me. If you leave me today. Please don’t come back no-one. If California loved you, so damn much. I hope she can make you happy. I returned in 1994 and the door locks were changed, and…

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Make It Happen Thursday

Go Dog Go Café

Welcome to Make it Happen Thursday!

This is the day when all members of the Go Dog Go Cafe community come together to tidy up odds and ends as we near the end of the week.

We welcome suggestions to combatwriter’s blockbecause it can happen to the best of us. We encourage you to share your ideas in the comments below or leave a link to a post from your own blog on the subject of writer’s block.

Also, all members of the Go Dog Go Cafe are invited to introduce aPoet or Writerthey enjoy reading. Just drop a link to promote a poet/writer you appreciate and a brief explanation of why you think they are special is welcome.

While you are enjoying your cappuccino or favorite latte, please feel free to check out all the features of the cafe.

Promote Yourself Mondays

Tuesday Writing Prompt…

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Of all the ways we are meant to love by Jen Lowry – Original Poetry

Poem on teal

Of all the ways we are meant to love

You see me

Most in quiet times

Alone in a room

Whirring of a fan off balance

Dog barking way in the distance

To break the rhythmic pattern

I try to mimic the rise and fall

of your heartbeat

Concentration lost

And then found again

When the tha-thumping beats drown me

Into rest

Let the world be out there somewhere

Let it do all its things to one another

And in all the ways we are meant to love

Let us do so quietly

But just loud enough to appreciate

All the in between space and the no space

That is us together

In love

To Eli

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