Robert Frost poetry and some short poems to be read…

Come Enjoy the verses and the recitation!!!


“I loved the hard climb, the untouched path.

I listen for the flowing river and I go to her.

Rarely do I see people.

I sit with the trees, the free animals and allow my feet to feel the

coldness of the river.

I have learn to love the quiet places.”

Dancing Coyote

“I remember the house I lived in as a child.

Was my grandparent home.

The house was warm and

we shared three meals a day.

I remember the taste of cherries and ice cream at 8 pm.

I remembered the blessing of love,

being safe.”

Dancing Coyote

“The young girl asked me. Can we survive crazy? Can we survive madness?

I took her hands, kissed each one and I told her.

I knew crazy and I knew madness.

Being crazy kept be brave and knowing madness.

Keep be safe from the liars.

We, who see and feel…

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