Affair Of The Heart ❤️ (D)

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Written By Nichole Sulpizio 💋

She dreams of romance

Passionate kisses

His hand

Candlelight dinner plans

He strokes her hair

So soft and long

While singing and dancing

To their favorite slow song

Moonlight beaches

Soft sand

Pale cream

Walks in the park

City after dark

Sipping white wine

Lobster tails

Chocolate mouse

Buttery and sweet

Both a decant treat


Gazing at her

He invites her to stay

Every night

To live this way

For the rest of her life!

Copyright © 2022 Nichole Sulpizio
All Rights Reserved

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Late summer, or: Early winter

The Skeptic's Kaddish 🇮🇱

A haibun

I always aspire to punctuality,but rarely achieve it. The “real world” (i.e. the one outside of my head) feels utterly replete to me with stringent rules and regulations that continually challenge my unhurried nature. Every morning, as my wife and I race to get our daughter ready for school, I hear echoes of my own childhood mornings reverberating.

As a high schooler, I once missed my school bus and realized that I couldn’t possibly get to school on time without a car. However, both of my parents had already left for work.

With deep embarrassment, I walked down the block to the home of a family that I babysat for and rang the doorbell. I still remember that their last name was Weintraub. Joan, the mother, opened the door; and I bashfully explained the situation to her, feeling myself so very, very foolish.

Thankfully, Joan was kind…

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‘Oseh shalom’, a New Poetic Form

The Skeptic's Kaddish 🇮🇱

Senseless, or: Relentless

My 1st‘Oseh Shalom’

Ukrainian children flee;
nuclear power plant set ablaze;
senseless, relentless war;
please - just stop;
let live - Amen.

The new ‘Oseh Shalom’ poetic form

I have created a new syllabic form of poetry, based upon the Jewish prayer for peace ‘Oseh Shalom’, which is sung as a popular children’s song:

‘Oseh Shalom’ poem requirements:

  • a pentastitch (a poem in 5 lines);
  • syllabic: 7/9/6/3/4;
    • the final two syllables must be the word: ‘Amen’
  • thematic: written about peace.


The above ‘Oseh Shalom’ form was created for Colleen M. Chesebro’s ‘Tanka Tuesday’ prompt: Poets were encouraged to create their own syllabic poetry forms.

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A note of encouragement for poets

The Skeptic's Kaddish 🇮🇱

I recently received the following note from a poet I greatly admire:

I really want to submit a poem to you from my blog, but I am debating whether any of my work is worthy enough to be featured. Can you be brutally honest with me and let me know if my longer poems are up to standard?

To be honest, I was flabbergasted by this because the person who sent it to me is one of my all-time favorite poets to read on WordPress. I consider their work incredibly raw and brainy – and pure in a way that I only strive for. How could a poet as amazing as this individual think that their work might not be “worthy” of being published on my blog?

Shortly thereafter, I received this comment on my blog from yet another blogger:

I love to read and write poetry, but imposter syndrome…

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Spotlight Poetry – Anthology Update

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Art, Music, Photography, Poetry and Quotations

I continue working on my first book of haiku / senryū poems.Rewriting, drafting and redrafting the manuscript has now been largely completed.

The two hundred poems have been written, reread and redrafted; and, I am now in the process of a series of final run-throughs.

The image shows a red and black book cover design for an anthology of poetry The title remains a secret but the sub-titles read; A random collection of small poems; Goff James; Volume 1.

The poems are individually numbered; but, there is in no particular order of theme.

Book Cover Design and Poems Attribution – Goff James –

Copyright (c) 2022 Goff James – All Rights Reserved

Thank you for your visit

Art Music Photography Poetry Quotations

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Loly Rinn

I wish you had seen me soaked with tears Crumpled up on the floor in a heap Like an old blanket with holes Utterly worthless My heart was obliterated As if a kamikaze pilot Decided I was the target And dive bombed straight into me I was blown apart in an instant Forever changed And I sat there in that decimated state Wondering how to pick up my heart Piece by piece I wished for your help But it wasn't in you To do such a thing So I did it myself I picked up every bloody piece And stuck it back inside of me Now you wonder Why I'm not the same Just going with the flow As if nothing changed But I can't ignore it Nothing is the same My heart is sewn back together With the threads of grief Though you don't understand why It's marred and…

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Loly Rinn

With the embrace of a thousand nights I never found complete solace in you But I never had the heart to say how I truly felt Because the truth would hurt You couldn't save me No one ever could I found the night to be my friend and I held on Sleeping away a thousand reasons to die But this stranger than truth demise attempting my ruination Got caught in the morning light You know death is darkness And no light can shine there But I awoke and the light was shining As if to say move on because there is nothing here So I moved out of the darkness To find the light of a thousand suns You never knew this And I doubt you care I'm home And if you're not here I doubt I will ever care Because your care was a hoax Times a thousand ©…

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Loly Rinn

Across the threshold of time
Are the age old questions
And the true answers defy logic
For the mystery itself is the clue

You can die and find life
You can do life and find death
They are one and the same
Only different forms
Transitions from here to there
There to here
The dreamland

And you must ask 
Where is the dreamland
Is it this or is it that
But it doesn't matter 
When you remember

Your life is a dream
And you are the dreamer

© 2022 Loly Rinn
Photo by Илья Мельниченко on Unsplash

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No Metaphor

Source of Inspiration


Can’t find a metaphor
that fits what has happened to me
stars, roses, yesterday
none of these will do
cliches, prayers, stories
don’t quite work
to describe it all for you.

There are no words
to describe
no tale to tell
I’ve passed into
what must be lived
by each of us
in order to understand
then no words are needed
for we become
what we’ve always been.

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