Purgatory Inn and no place to go…


Purgatory Inn and no place to go.

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Old memories become less painful with time. "

 Purgatory Inn and no place to go….

I have the long Island ice tea fresh and cold.
Bartender keep them coming.
They love the big tippers.
Purgatory Inn is open early and closes late.
Safe place for a man who wants nothing.

I roll the simple purple stone in my hand.
An old souvenir from a old war.
A purple crystal given to me by a kind memory.
Now feeling like a brick.
So heavy with sadness and loss.

I hold the necklace like a rare stone.
The necklace is pretty worthless in value.
Except to my heart and memory.
I remember when a beautiful red haired girl took the necklace
off my neck. Put it on around her neck. Promised me forever.
Then wrapped her body around me.
She whispered…

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