The Disappearance of Decency

The Cheesesellers Wife

Poems by Ivor Stevens,


Naked I stand before Him
Stripped of common decency
Debased, I kneel crying
Sad words fall like rain
Tanks are still rolling
Over the Ukraine
My Tanka’s are scrolling
Down their bloody drains

Tanka #1. Sad Sky

False words smudge old clouds
Gray clouds hang under sad sky
The sad sky decries
“Children are our butterflies
And please stop the warring lies”

Tanka #2. Broken Biscuits

Life is imperfect
Like broken war-time biscuits
Re-connection waits
Reconciliation stops
Life’s sweet shortbread’s unopened

Tanka #3. Abandoned

May the stormy winds
Calmly abate in Europe
And bring peace quickly
Do not forget the children
We cannot abandon them


Cover me
Give me beauty
Inspire me
Calm me
Save me
From that deadly bee
Above the Black Sea

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On a High

Source of Inspiration


I’m on a high
then crash to the sea
peaks and valleys
to eternity.

Incoming tide
then out it goes
full moon to no moon
ins and outs
back again
changing, always changing
never remains the same.

There is only one constant
never does it change
You–only You
keep a steady pulse of life
light, and love.
You are
what will always be.

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