I try to remember…


I try to remember

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Old poetry with are-write. Written in 1992/rewritten in 2014 "

                        I try to remember..

I tried to remember the curves of your body.  Us blindfolded by wild need and want on the cold days of Winter. I want to remember my hands touching soft and wanting skin. We were sweeps away by the chaos of the night and we held each other in a lingering silence till the morning light.

We had our dirty ashtrays and empty bottles of Jack Daniel whiskey. You would smoke your cigarettes and told me, sitting nude upon the soft bed. If I had the sea, I’m free. I want us laying upon a quiet beach. You writing poetry and I adsorbing the tropical sun. I’m tire of the madness of Winter. I want to be outdoors sitting with the trees.

I tried to erase the…

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