Are you important to him?

Love, Life, Broken

How do you know you are important to him? Is it words and actions? Or either or? A feeling you get from the time spent together? What if you are an online relationship? How do you know that how he makes you feel is how he feels for you? Especially if it’s not physical due to distance.

When you’re very emotionally involved everything is heightened.
I’m not needy by nature but I am with him, how do you cope with that? All the while trying not to tick him off with it?

How do you cope with all the insecurities when he’s not there to physically reassure you?

So, are you important to him?

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Purgatory Inn and no place to go…


Purgatory Inn and no place to go.

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Old memories become less painful with time. "

 Purgatory Inn and no place to go….

I have the long Island ice tea fresh and cold.
Bartender keep them coming.
They love the big tippers.
Purgatory Inn is open early and closes late.
Safe place for a man who wants nothing.

I roll the simple purple stone in my hand.
An old souvenir from a old war.
A purple crystal given to me by a kind memory.
Now feeling like a brick.
So heavy with sadness and loss.

I hold the necklace like a rare stone.
The necklace is pretty worthless in value.
Except to my heart and memory.
I remember when a beautiful red haired girl took the necklace
off my neck. Put it on around her neck. Promised me forever.
Then wrapped her body around me.
She whispered…

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My true love…


My true love

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Written in 1978-rewritten in 2014 "

                        My true love…

The feeling of joy is you. I have been submerge in your sweet kiss and tender embrace. You taught me the fruit of love was colorful and worthwhile.

The touch of your slender fingers and your loving eyes had cause my dreams and hope to become free and wild like the untamed sea.

I have swam in the confined of your eyes. Ascending to new places and un-foretold places where I dream of long nights and laying in our bed, blocking out the lights of the new day holding you tightly.

I know I’m the fortunate one. I put my hands through your auburn hair and I tell you.

You are my last love and my first love. You have brought into the madness of love and forever, I will fall adrift in…

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I try to remember…


I try to remember

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Old poetry with are-write. Written in 1992/rewritten in 2014 "

                        I try to remember..

I tried to remember the curves of your body.  Us blindfolded by wild need and want on the cold days of Winter. I want to remember my hands touching soft and wanting skin. We were sweeps away by the chaos of the night and we held each other in a lingering silence till the morning light.

We had our dirty ashtrays and empty bottles of Jack Daniel whiskey. You would smoke your cigarettes and told me, sitting nude upon the soft bed. If I had the sea, I’m free. I want us laying upon a quiet beach. You writing poetry and I adsorbing the tropical sun. I’m tire of the madness of Winter. I want to be outdoors sitting with the trees.

I tried to erase the…

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Only you…


Only you

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Old poetry for love "

                               Only you…

I drank in the beauty of river clear blue eyes. I watched you dance on the almost empty beach freely and unafraid of the opinions of the beach goers nearby.

I made a wish upon the first star of the coming dust. Only for you and I upon the quiet beach dancing with the free and uncontrolled sea.

I was drowning in your beauty and I stood being condemn to wish for this day and moment forever. You were just a child in heart, love was sweet and tender to you still. I knew when I kissed your lips and felt the softness of your body near. I would be lost forever in the sweet dreams of you.

Only you, could save me and I knew when you came near and asked. Johnnie, please dance with…

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Fire, the flames and you…


Fire, the flames and you….

You are my river of joy.
My muse in the mist of confusion.

I have hurt myself often, set fire to my dreams and watched my hope fly away to the flames of disappointment. Today my cuts and bruises seem less painful because.

You are with me. Accepted my battered body. Stayed with me in the good and the bad days.

You are my beauty. My endless sea of hope and new dreams.

Dear muse. I watched you dance with the gentle morning waves. Your long hair free and wild in the early morning wind. I looked at the rising sun and I told her.

You are my sun; you are the one who lights up my day. You create joy and laughter, that burned away my sadness and disappointment. You are love. An unforgettable place and time for me to rest and to know…

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Savoring every moment

Rhapsody Bohème

I have come to love this little girl a great deal and she is very special to me. She thinks she human and has quite a few unique quirks, making her one of a kind, with a personality to match. As the days are ticking down and merely a week is left before my departure to Germany, every moment is savored and emphasized. I hug her with all of my awareness. I pet her involving all of my senses, as if I need to store that feeling into a safe place to recall it later when we are apart. I bury my face into her fur and breathe in her sense as if she was a person I am trying to remember. I am making more and more time for her, often just being close, cuddling her and feeling her warm little body next to mine.

To be honest I…

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