Writers – Filter Out Those Filter Words

Steps In Between

When I first began writing, I wondered if I would ever be published. I hoped that one day it might happen. But I quickly realized,writing a book is hard!


Let’s filter out the filters. Those are the extra words getting in between my readers and my meaning. The sentences above don’t paint a picture for anyone to imagine. And if I’m the author of my words, then I darn well want my readers to visualize the messages I’m working so diligently to convey.

I will try again…

In the beginning of my writing career, a big question haunted me like a spider hiding under my bed. “Will I ever get published?” Just like the whereabouts of that creepy crawler, my future publishing date hid away in the dark. Dang, writing a book is hard!

Now, my example might not be a great one, but it will…

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