secrets ne’er forsaken ~



bends the willow tree
held by lace (and feather)
secrets ne’er forsaken
by the wind

canopies adorned by light
stretched to catch
the heavens –
her firmament
entrusted (to his love)

string the sunrise
in slashes yellow golden
played us all (the fiddle)
by the fire

was once I there
the warmest overwhelming
caught between forever –
were skies
I never knew

. . .

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unlearned ~


yes the only
answer –
were questions sure to fall
three feet high
and tearing at my knees

seems the years
grown bolder –
an eager course for fate –
tho not so much
my own

bereavement come

kind of wisdom –
 sweetest lessons 
born of pain
which is right
was never meant
and there we learn

carved into
our yesterdays –
tomorrow stands the door
when swore us
to forgetting

every dream we held

wherever love
is written
was for a while we fell behind –
dared our heart conceive
of kingdoms come

misty shades
of living passed
ages into ache
the night is gone
in search of ancient light

another time –
were only this
to lay your head upon

. . .

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I am ~


of verses
I can find no place ~
no course of understanding
would still my beat
or bid my breathing slow

by my father’s winds
reliving now the promise ~
fell to me
tis something more
I know

tis there beneath
the robin’s wing ~
there atop the rapids
flush with stone
the proof is come to stay

met with pages
lines between the lines ~
would e’er I stand
and will the ground away

as I was opened
face to face
with heaven ~
paradise in everything
I see

bite my tongue
and swell my tears ~
with memory of becoming
a love (as love created)
let there be

of all I know
tis more I feel ~
miracles becoming
stretched beyond the reaches
of our rhyme

of other
places given truth ~
rivers neath me rolling
meet me somewhere
I am now ~
warmed against
the light

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Paris, London, Basel or Barcelona…


Paris, London, Basel or Barcelona….

We were wanderlust, whiskey kisses and sleeping till noon.

We loved clotheless mornings and afternoon meals.

We loved loud music and we loved the sea.

I would tell you when I watched you undress,

you leave me breathless.

You would dance for the afternoon sun bare-ass and with a smile.

We love the hotels near the sea or the rivers.

Naked we were in our words,

naked we were in our emotions.

We loved Paris, London, Basel and Barcelona.

When you came to me, straddle me and you sang to me.

“Please stay with me by the sea,

please let’s sing and dance to the rising moon.

Let’s become Gypsies and sleep near the sea, near a flowing river.

I want open sea, I want a river flowing to the powerful sea.

I want us to taste free days, taste Scottish whiskey and never be…

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Sunflowers remind me of you

Keep it alive

Oh brave people of Ukraine 
Sunflowers remind me of you
The courage that you are showing
Is shaming those who are powerful
Yet are hiding under the garb of diplomacy
And you,unequipped, vulnerable, facing the mighty enemy
With simple weapons and your courage alone
May you emerge victorious and show us all
How the brave face the enemy with strong hearts

Woman hat sunflower field summer

Welcome to my Random Friday Prompt! This week, let’s work with a sunflower theme

Written for RFP # 9 – Sunflower, hosted by Paula



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Sunday Poser # 70

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Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

What makes you feel strong?

For me, personally the support of my family makes me feel stronger. When I’m going through a rough patch, the knowledge that they are there for me gives me the strength to face my difficult time. Be it medical issues or emotional problems, when they express their support by words or deeds, it makes me stronger many folds.

With their support, I feel that I can take on any challenge that comes my way.

Share with us what makes you feel stronger?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.



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WDYS # 123 -A Roundup post

Come Read the Roundup!

Keep it alive

The red illuminated sign invited travelers
Come hither, here we have a place for to stay
A beacon signaling refuge,
safety, and a place to rest
A signal for the weary to stop and break the journey
Come now, won’t you stop a while?

Great response again this week in response to this image. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our lovely participants.

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The novel reader; What do you see # 123

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Eugenia; Beautifying gaps

Anisha; Claustrophobic

Fandango; Country road

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First Impressions


Our hasty immature judgements

Of people seldom change,

Because we seldom give them

A second chance.

Think back if you must,

And you will find

To your own amusement

That first impressions usually get stuck.

No-one is spared from this,

Because no-one is excused;

Why then we don’t wonder

That first impressions are indeed a blunder?

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