My story

Keep it alive

This is the book of my life.

All my tragedies and comedies are here vying with each other for a prominent place.

The way I look at things is that no life is complete without one or the other.

Our circumstances mold our character and hence our lives into what they are meant to be.

The cover on this book bears my name but on the back page are the names of generations of people from whom I came, people whose names even I don’t know myself but who have left bits of their DNA in my physical form.

My spiritual self has remnants of the thoughts of my father and forefathers, my mother and her mother, I am the latest in the series of their spiritual evolution.


Written for Six Sentences Story- Book, hosted by Girlie on the Edge’s blog, Denise



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Simply 6 Minutes Challenge ~ #Poetry

Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

Most of us dream about flying
Yet painting one’s ears won’t cut it
It’s a weight ratio problem
A bit like the bumble bee
who shouldn’t be able to defy gravity?
No so lucky the elephant
Like those of us without wings
We can only dream
of defying gravity…


Simply 6 Minutes Challenge Note

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I need a Spring time kiss, a Summer lover…

Come Read this and listen to the song!!


I need a Spring time kiss, a Summer lover….

I wonder if love was ever real for me?

I asked the rising moon, my dearest love, I remember you, were we?

Just myth and tale on my weary heart. Maybe just a dream?

I am very old and I accepted less,

once brave heart is sleeping and in sweet dreams.

I hear you whispering to me near the sea.

“Our two hearts are one sweet Johnnie.

You stole my heart In April and I remember our Spring time.

We danced by the lake and we talks and we talks.

You listen to me, you made me feel I was important.

I listen to you and we made forever promises.

You made me believe love is so sweet and I love you my sweetheart.

We had a loving Summer,

I remembered we never left the house on the weekends.

I remember…

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My masterpiece…



Once blushing beauty stole my heart. She create a rage of need I never knew. She found me sitting alone by the Boeblingen lake and her river blue eyes stole everything I knew and I wanted.

My hazy memory remember now. I remember us, I remember her. I painted her skin with lotion and kiss. She was my song, my holy and sweet nights we were blessed with. In the coldness of Germany Winter, we painted memories where loved lived and great dreams were wild and free. She was my masterpiece in my world of chaos.

I learn the greatest sin is knowing perfect days and wonderful nights. The paradise of the dancing candles, sweet red wine and never-ending nights made me believe. Love was everything, everything was love.

She was 18 year old and I was 20. Cursed of youth, we want everything and we want more. Love…

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I remembered dear Andrea. A lovely Michigan gal, once was kind to my young heart. I wrote into a notebook.

“Time has pass us by,

old wounds don’t hurt so badly.

Old sorrow had become the poet’s wealth.”

I am drinking wine alone in Paris, the city of love, the city of lights. I told the Paris moon, forsaken love. Leave us dreaming of things gone. I sprinkle more words to the notebook.

“I wish upon the rising moon.

Forget me not beautiful Andrea.

Once you made me smiled and

we danced. And you told me.

You were my only gal.

Now just promises made, never kept.”

Tonight I am listening to the French songs in Paris and I wished we attempted love. I remembered I returned to Michigan in 1978 and your father told me. You left and never returned. I wrote a note, I gave to your…

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