Rhyme my raison d’être


Sun streams through my window
blank pages waiting there
inspiration with this warming light
words gather here to share
and as invigorated poet I
seize pen and write away
plucking words to hone my craft
in my own special way
Rhyme my raison d'être
tells its story here once more
in this daily visitation 
of what the poet's in me for


Photo – Jempics

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Fighting darkness


Tyranny acquaints us with the deepest despair
deranged despots continue repeating their mistakes
trying to subjugate everyone to rank capitulation
using brute power and the machinery of state.

Hubris struts around, brazenly fear mongering
reason and righteousness seem to have lost their vision
in such a gloomy scenario they quietly retire
for the victory of the oppressor is taken as a given

In the darkest of darkness when nothing is visible
in the coldest of winter when frigid winds rejoice
in the furthest corner where ultimatum pushes
the timorous soul sings in a tremulous voice.

Gathering frail courage from note to note
then hesitant other voices join in, haltingly first
the song becomes a rallying cry for the oppressed
soaring up high and beating down walls with fists.

But the obstinate tyrant refuses to retreat
for drunk on absolute power, he is blind absolutely
bully pulpit misused by bumbling bedlamite

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