Let’s remember us….


  Let’s remember us…


Love forgotten,

love dead,

who was wrong? Who was right?

Once we had long nights,

once we made the mornings last till late afternoon.

Did I forget my dear love? Or you?

Can graveyard love, be rebirth?


Seem like a thousand years ago,

we were babies in love.

We wanted to taste sweet kisses and to never release lips, arms and body.

You were my pretty wishes and sweetest dream.

We had enough, once.

Now we are running in circles and I see the falling bridges.

Can love be saved?

Or have the falling bridge, stole the need of love kiss and touch?


I have found the Hemingway place.

I want little and I have no wishes left.

Who can save me?

Can I be save?

I want to run away and I don’t know my place to go.

Once brave man became…

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Blindfolded and weightless….


 Blindfolded and weightless…

I watched your tone and beautiful legs move on the dance floor. Legs that make a man beg for mercy before he had sins. Your short skirt showed silky and tender thighs. Make me wish to be bounded and locked into the softness of soft and hidden skin.

You give me a sly smile, knowingly I loved watching you line dance. You came to me and embraced me and gave me long and sweet kisses. We drank and drank, than we danced the Texas two-stepped with your perfect tanned body holding me close till closing time. She whispered Johnnie. Tonight we are going to be bad. Better to be blindfolded and weightless in the want and need. I want my soldier to hold me tightly and make me feel like I’m the only one.

At the nearby motel. I watched my Texas beauty drop her skirt, slowly…

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I didn’t know…


I didn’t know

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Life can be unknown ending and mystery "

                         I didn’t know…

My September lover would heat up the coming days of Autumn of 1978. She promised me today only. We danced in a forbidden love hidden in the secret corner of a private room with silence dreams.

We opened doors we could not ever close. In the silence of the Germany early Winter. She released veils of places unknown where fearless lovers awaken wants that are bare and true.

Young love is delicate. The young hearts will venture into the splendor of love not knowing. You can capture love for a moment. Eternal love rarely appeared and when the young heart is drunk in love.

The walls of love is paper thin. I didn’t know. You were my Winter love and my Spring heartbreak.

I still think of you. Us blazing into…

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Little sin….


(Thank you Tumblr for the photo)

Little sin…

Your flowing black hair flowing in the gentle breezes making me wish to have you home nude and free. You are my little sin in a life filled with work and deadlines. I want you take off the black dress slow and easy. Make me yearn for your kiss and touch. I want you to straddle me allowing your hair to encircle me and make me know the sense and smell of your skin and hair. You are my needed little sin and I love you dearly.

Coyote/John Castellenas

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Self Love?

Confab With Me

When you make your happiness dependent on someone else, sooner or later sadness will engulf you.

By, Shantanu Baruah

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