Reflections: Absence

Beneath The Layers

Absence, the dictionary describes it as “the state of being of being away from a place or a person”,“an occasion or period of being away from a person”, “the nonexistent or lack of”; today I reflect on absence as a whole, the bittersweet moment of wanting to be and not being….

People at times fear solitude yet this leads to necessary moments of introspection; of absence from the conscious into the subconscious. Absence creates the necessary space for our shadow to come to light, giving us a chance to embrace it. Absence creates the perfect moment to unburden the soul, the mind, the body, helping us heal any and all impairments, if only we are willing to acknowledge absence during those bittersweet moments.

Dear absence,

Sometimes I look at you with a bit of irony, for at times within your presence and the absence of that which…

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