I can’t help falling in love with you…And a beautiful Hope Winter song…

Come Read and listen to Elvis singing!!!


I want to fall in love with you…

Kind lady held my hands and her sweet and gentle words, her beautiful smile made me believe. Love could be, the greatest lullaby we can sing.

I told my dearest love, I want to fall in love with you again. I love your Winter pale skin, your always dancing bare feet and when we find the sea. Hold hands and celebrate the new day being born together. You taught me, love is eternal and forever.

She smiled and she laughed at my words. She whispered to me. Dearest Johnnie, my midnight poet. If your words are true, please write me a lullaby for the ages. A poem that the passing moon can whisper to the sun as they kiss each day. I wrote to paper.

“Delia, Delia, my beloved.

You are my morning breathe,

you are my evening kiss.

I need you…

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